Eurogamer: Xbox 360 vs. PlayStation 3: Round 26

Another month, another multi-game Xbox 360 vs. PlayStation 3 Face-Off. Let's get the party started with all the stats, videos, comparison galleries and performance analyses you crave, derived from an eye-watering array of big names and quality wares.

Thankfully the mania of the release schedule diminishes as we enter summer, perhaps allowing us to do some catch-up coverage on other titles, but the immediate future is E3: Project Natal, Move, Nintendo 3DS, OnLive, Gaikai, and masses of AAA titles for us to preview. Woo! In the meantime, let's get this show on the road.

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Alcon Caper3115d ago

What a surprise...look which console wins...

PR0X13114d ago Show
dragonelite3114d ago

Thats not true ps 3 has the best graphics this gen with the supreme image quality of god of war 3.

But one might enjoy the 360 games more just like me, i in that sense are a 360 fanboys but im not blind and give credits to things that deserve it.

sahar2433114d ago

you are full of shit.
the cell can handle the graphics as well.

Conloles3114d ago

Why do they even bother with these anymore its pretty clear which console is more powerful...

DelbertGrady3114d ago

Split/Second: Velocity

"However, it's 360 that gets the nod from Digital Foundry, simply down to the more consistent performance level in all areas of the game, along with the fact that the screen-tear is not as much of an issue as it is on the PS3 version."

Lost Planet 2

"While performance is often parallel between the two systems, PS3 drops frames much more frequently than 360 tears. We saw exactly the same thing in Resident Evil 5, and while it seems Capcom has improved a touch since then, it's still extremely off-putting.

That being the case, aside from the customary mammoth Capcom install, Lost Planet 2 is essentially the same game on both platforms, and the new Framework MT update showcased in this release is clearly a step up from the older rendition of the tech, particularly in terms of the lighting."


"It's a sentiment that extends to the full game, really. They're uncannily similar, with only the enhanced audio options of the PlayStation 3 version offering any kind of tangible premium for one system over the other."

Green Gay: Rockband

"The bottom line is that any kind of decision about which version to buy for multiplatform owners moves away from the software itself and across to other matters - such as the volume of plastic instruments you have for each of your respective consoles, or which of your friends list you most enjoy "jamming" online with."

Skate 3

"Quite what the native resolution is for both renditions of the game is something we'll throw out to the pixel counters out there, but the basic takeaway from this piece is that these games are pretty much identical and both are recommended."

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

"The bottom line is that frame-rates - by and large - are consistent and performance is very good on both systems. While Prince of Persia has still yet to achieve the level of greatness attained by some of its illustrious forefathers, players certainly won't be let down by any technical issues.

This is a solid release on both consoles with 360 just ahead by a nose owing to the blur factor - or lack of it."

Most of them seem to work well on both consoles. Hats off to the devs!

HolyOrangeCows3114d ago

* Split/Second: Velocity
* Lost Planet 2
* Backbreaker
* Green Day: Rock Band
* Skate 3
* Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands

What an awesome choice of games.

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Optical_Matrix3114d ago

PR...please tell me your comment was a joke

UltimateIdiot9113114d ago

Not for the die hard delusional.

RedDevils3114d ago

have trouble sign in onto psn like NOW, I think is Sony maintenance :( I wanna play lol

Optical_Matrix3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

It's maintenance yeah. Rumor is firmware 3.40. I call bullshit. Just a regular maintenance sweep.

zootang3114d ago

Considering we are on 3.10 i doubt it is 3.04

raztad3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

I' m loving how many PS3 games (PoP, Skate and Split/Second) are v-synced == No dreadful tearing. On the FP side KZ2, UC2 and GoW3 are recent examples.

It's a matter of time for those devels to reach solid 720p, v-synced and depending on whats going on on screen, 60 fps or locked on 30.

Nice. Cant wait for the next iteration of games.

SOAD3114d ago

Doesn't V-syncing cause the frame tears? If the game is locked at 30 frames per second, then every time one frame stays on screen while the next screen is being rendered it creates a tear. And doesn't this happen more often when the game is V-synced?

raztad3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

V-syncing causes slowdowns (framerate drops) not frame tears. Thats why most games to keep the framerate stable drop vsync when the screen gets busy or just drop it entirely.

360 man3114d ago

raztad its the opposite way round. v-sync keeps the frames locked. whilst disabling v-sync either increases or decreases the frames.

im also a pc gamer. trust me i should know

Immortal3213114d ago

it's not like there are big differences between the two. For the past couple of years they've been comparing games with no differences, but when the ps3 win, you'll see the differences.

ProjectVulcan3114d ago

What a surprise. Another comparison where the differences are picked out by poring over frozen shots with a microscope, and closely measuring the performance down to a frame here and there.

Face it, the performance gap on most multi titles between these consoles is now so insignificant no one should care.

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TheMART3115d ago

And the one reporting this as lame... Its a comparison of games. It helps people that own both the 360 and PS3 to buy the superior version. Why won't this news be brought to the main page?

Reporting this are mostly butthurt fans of one system, not being able to buy another version of a game on another platform and cry cry cry.

nycredude3114d ago

Who are you fooling tool. These tiny differences are not noticeable to the naked eye, especially in games that move this fast, so what is the point? These are made for no one but fanboys who want to win a pissing contest. If they really wanted to provided a service and compare multiplat games why don't they do it with all three platforms? Where is the PC? Give me a break with this crap. These comparisons serve no real purpose. I'd rather they spend time doing the making of analysis on amazing exclusive games. They are way more informative and interesting.

sak5003114d ago

@ nycredude

how many accounts does it take to self bubble yourself to 4 bubbles?

Ontopic. Why would i invest in ps3 even this late in its life when all MP games are worse or just equal to 360? No need to buy it this gen i though i would pick it up in 2010 when GT5 will be released but i guess there is no chance for it to come out this year as well. So long ps3..

poopface13114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

actually there are alot of people who can tell the difference.

Ive been playing PC gamees all my life, tweaking the settings to get as much detail as possible while keeping good performance, so its easy for me to tell the differences(visuals AND performance wise).

I got a 360 and ps3, so Id like to know the differences.

We know how much you love sony, so of course you dont want to see the comparisons, as its usually the ps3 that is worse.

Cenobia3114d ago

I think part of his point was that if you really care that much about graphics you'd buy all multiplatform games on the PC.

Are you saying you don't buy these games on that platform? Why not? If there is an actual reason then you just proved that graphics are not your primary concern.

Graphic comparisons are flamebait for 99% of people. Get the PC version if you care that much. Unless there are REAL issues like noticeable frame rate drops, these are useless.

poopface13114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

as opposed to my computer that is at a desk. Also, there are alot of games that come out on the consoles first. LIke RDR.

I was just saying that its pretty easy to tell the difference. 20+ years of pc gaming has helped to train my eyes for little differences, ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO Performance.

And just because the PC version could be better, why wouldnt I get the best possible console version if I didnt get it on PC??
In other words, If I could get it on ps3, 360, or PC I want to at least make sure I dont get the worst version.

pangitkqb3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

I often agree with your comments, nycredude, but this is one of those rare times that I don't. As owner of both HD consoles I want the superior version of any multi-platform title not available on PC. Therefore, an in depth, precise technical analysis such as this can be extremely useful.

Yes, about half of the differences in the games mentioned in this comparison are not noticeable to the human eye, but that simply means that the other half are. For example, having personally played Split/second on both systems at the same time - switching back and forth between inputs on a 1080p bigscreen - the superiority of the 360 version was immediately noticeable. Both looked good, but the xbox version looked AND played better. So...why wouldn't I want the best version if i have that option?

I love my PS3 - which i purchased long before a 360 - but I owe it to myself to go with whichever console has the best version of a title that I want to purchase. In this case it is 360. Other times it is PS3, such as Dragon Age: Origins or Mirrors Edge.

Lastly, I do agree that PC versions of multi-plats should be included. PC versions - on a good gaming rig - almost always perform better, but it is nice to see how and why.

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ArcFatalix3114d ago

It isn't 2007, PS3 games are mostly equal now.

ElementX3114d ago

I am really tempted to buy Split/Second or Blur, maybe both. I don't like racing but those look pretty cool.

360 man3114d ago

yh dey do look fun. and graphiclly stunning. especially split/second

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