PSU Green Day: Rock Band Review

From PlayStation Universe: "This will likely be one of the shortest reviews you’ll read here at PSU, and for good reason. Green Day: Rock Band is exactly what it sounds like – a Green Day version of Rock Band. If you like the band and music games, you’ll probably enjoy this title. If you don’t like either, guess what? You probably won’t like this game. It’s not that Green Day: Rock Band is a bad game or a great game; it’s just another music game. Let’s put it this way, when reviewing the game we felt like we were judging a vanilla ice cream contest. It’s easy to like vanilla ice cream, but after sampling one hundred scoops, you start to want something else in that classic taste – maybe some sprinkles or caramel. Green Day: Rock Band is just another scoop of vanilla, and we so want to try Chunky Monkey. Still, ice cream is pretty much always delicious."

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