BrutalGamer’s E3 Predictions writes:
Hey we did some research type stuff and wrote some words too!

OK so we are less than a week away from the mammoth hype machine that is E3. Previous shows have given us glimpses of titles that have gone on to set the world on fire. Other times it’s given us things like the 32X and Virtual Boy.

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frankymv3111d ago

Good article with some solid predictions

moosehound3111d ago

Thanks Franky I tried not too be too "out there" with the predictions on this one. E3 is strange this year as so much is already know... Will be fun none the less ;)

Conloles3111d ago

"Valve’s big announcement will be Source Engine 2 and that development of Half Life 3 is under way on that engine for a release in 2012. Half Life Episode 3 will be the last Valve game to use the original Source engine and will be out in 2011." I disagree I just say Half Life 3

Jorrel563111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

I agree with Valve prediction but definitely want to at least see some in game video of Episode 3. Also, Golden Sun on DS is an awesome prediction for DS game of show. This is my most anticipated DS game without a doubt. LOVE the Golden Sun series.

moosehound3111d ago

Spent ages playing the first GS on GBA but could never find the time to finish it or play the sequel.

If it the same quality gameplay/story with some updated gfx then its gonna be 100% WIN :D

Oh and Valve OWE us some EP3 shots by now surely ;)

Doc Sony3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

I think you mean Ratchet & Clank

Or you could mean Naughty Dog will announce the return of Jak and Daxter

moosehound3111d ago

haha yeah mate thanks - total typo, I added that after and put it on the wrong line :) Unless that was a "psychic" moment and it does happen ;) LOL