Developers on Unreal Engine 3 and the Silicon Knights Lawsuit

Last week the internet -- or at least the video game-related parts of it -- exploded when Epic Games quietly announced that it had been sued by developer Silicon Knights. That quiet announcement quickly turned into a frenzy as the full text of the lawsuit surfaced. To recap, the Too Human developer claimed Epic had failed to deliver versions of the licensed Unreal Engine 3 by its contractual deadline, resulting in demonstrable damage to the reputation of Silicon Knights and Too Human.

After the news broke, Shacknews contacted several developers with personal Unreal Engine experience. The developers spoke on topics such as their reactions to the lawsuit, their studios' track records with the tech, and their own opinions on Epic's level of support. Opinions ranged from positive to negative, though negative responses tended not to hold Epic to the same level of fault as does Silicon Knights' suit. Understandably, some respondents chose to remain anonymous, though Shacknews vouches for their authenticity.

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Kleptic4159d ago

so what is going on with Too Human now...has it been delayed?...or is it cancelled?...I thought that game was a big deal...and from the looks of the screens it wasn't struggling at all, at least with looking good...

but Ubisoft didn't have any of these issues...R6 Vegas looks and plays great on both systems...why is SK having so much trouble...I read the article and how "epic failed to deliver on their contract"...but what exactly in the game is broken?...

Dr Pepper4158d ago

Too Human has been delayed into 2008. But I don't think it has something to do with this, I think the devs just want to get it right and make sure it is an awesome game.

i Shank u4158d ago

the other UE3 games that've had more more dev time will look way better, even Gears which came out the same time looked alot better. I remember playing Gears and R6 the same day last christmas and It was hard to believe they used the same engine. But you have a point, other UE3 games have come out and looked great played great, SK seems nerfed

hazeblaze4158d ago

If you read the entire article, one of the developers was for a major publisher that admitted they had problems with the UE3 engine but had enough of their own resources to do the extra coding themselves... that developer was probably Ubisoft.

As for Too Human... the game looked decent graphically but never had the 'wow' effect. And the gameplay has always looked pretty boring since it was first shown... maybe b/c they haven't been able to get as much going onscreen as they wanted???

PS360WII4158d ago

Too Human is just delayed, big time, as of right now. Almosts sounded like SK was so upset over the whole thing they started to make their own engine... Too Human may be pushed back to yet another console if they do that (and I'm talking about the next xbox ><)

i Shank u4158d ago (Edited 4158d ago )

and even then, i bet this game STILL comes out before Duke Nukem Forever....wait no I wouldnt bet on ever playing either game

Evoluti0n4158d ago

and so the plot thickens; Mixed reactions from other developers, interesting.

WaggleLOL4158d ago

UE3 is garbage. SK has no one to blame but themselves for being dumb enough to base their company's big console game on a crappy pc engine that Epic doesn't have the skill or manpower to work on current gen consoles.

The console world has had enough of bald space marines in low poly overly normal mapped shiny armor. Gears of War was bad enough with its pathetically tiny draw distances, jaggies all over the foreground, and blurred out backgrounds. Hell it couldn't even handle more than 2 to 5 things onscreen at once.

Al4158d ago

that was pretty much the dumbest comment I've ever heard. just Wow.

Kleptic4158d ago (Edited 4158d ago )

uh...UT3 has tons of stuff going on at once...and huge draw distances...and Gears is still arguably the best looking console game ever released so far, or even on any platform for that matter as of right now (I know Crysis is coming...I said "released")...not saying it always will be...but pointing out the minor flaws to it undermines how it still hasn't been dethroned is funny how the game isn't perfect, yet for the most part hasn't been completely outdone yet...

I am not a Gears fanboy or anything...I don't even own the game...but no one can argue that the game looks bad...

Bloodmask4158d ago (Edited 4158d ago )

good at saving development time. Which saves developers a lot of money.

So I do think it is good for the industry. But I do feel that most of the games running on this engine do look too similar.

I do like Silicon Knights early games. But it is starting to sound like to me at least that they want this game to be to be too good almost.

Bc of all the delays over various consoles.

Al4158d ago

Yeah, I totally agree. UE3 is definitely a "convience engine" to save time and money. Its great in that respect, I believe Mass Effect is using the UE3, but it also might not be the perfect "fit" for a specfic game.

Kleptic4158d ago

Yeah I agree...Middleware like this helps developers take brunt of their costs away...while they have to pay for licensing the engine, they save big time in the long run...and as long as the engine is diverse enough, you never necessarily know which games are using it and which isn't...

R6 Vegas and Gears for example...You look at both games and you would have no idea they are running on the same engine, except for the occasional lighting situation or something...both look great too imo...

UE3 and CryEngine 2 will probably be around for a long time...if CE2 gets optimized for consoles well, I bet there will be more 3rd party games using one of those two engines than not...

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