EA rejects 3D for FIFA 11

You may be able to watch the World Cup in 3D, but FIFA fans will just have to settle with the standard two dimensions.

EA Sports has been experimenting with 3D, as MCV revealed last week, but the firm is not convinced it ‘adds value’ to the experience.

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matey3111d ago

EA hate nintendo last gen the cube was powerful enough this year the wii which has a gpu = ATI HD 2400 so 4 times more power than cube and they think we want arcade games **** off EA,Why no 3DS fifa11 but u will put it on iphone **** off EA i an sticking with PES for 3DS/Wii/Wii2 inabit there are so many games on wii that graphics eclipse TW11,FIFA10,NHL SS,on wii.

matey3111d ago

It not for u EA to decide these are things that the consumer will decide not u,Iwata said 3D is optional plus its super powerful isnt that a reason enough,U can make the graphics like the ps3 ect or is it a problem u have with Nintendo u seem to dub games down that didnt need to be.