First Alan Wake "The Signal" screenshot

Remedy's released the first screenshot from Alan Wake's "The Signal" DLC.

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Double Toasted3050d ago

Great game! I'll be sure to keep my eyes on this...

van-essa3050d ago

underrated game, it's the second best 360 game out there.

logikil3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

Don't know about second best, but Alan Wake was definitely a wonderful experience. MS really screwed up not giving the game the backing it should have received in marketing dollars.

W+3 A K+3 E = ZANE :)

StanLee3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

One of my favorite games this year. On my second play-through and finally reading the manuscript pages. It's funny how much of the story I missed on my first play-through.

EvilBlackCat3049d ago

This game is a must have and i find interesting that they dint hype this game.

I remember many hyping the Rain and the result is that... i wasn't a Heavy Rain after all.

Arnon3049d ago

I'm dying to play this DLC. Also, I never saw that logikil. Did you also know that since it took 6 digits to equal "ZANE", that adds to the list of "6"'s found in the game?

6 Alex Casey Novels.
6 Chapters in the game.
6 Albums from Old Gods of Asgard.
6 suspects investigated by Nightingale.
Rose gets off work at 6.
Number 6 on the jukebox.

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AAACE53050d ago

I'll get around to AW eventually. I really wanted to buy it right away, but they made the mistake of releasing with RDR, which I have been interested longer than AW.

BTW, those of you who only have 1 bubble, I gave you a vote to try to raise them... hope it helps!

bumnut3049d ago

I traded rdr for alan wake, rdr was ok but i got bored of it after a few days.

poopface13050d ago

cant wait to get this DLC. Im really excited for more AW.


xHarvey3050d ago

I hope it explains the ending a bit more.

Funky Town_TX3050d ago

Alan Wait is a good game. I have enjoyed playing this game a lot. I will not purchase any DLC for it, but it's a good game so far. It's not ground breaking, but if you are into single player only games then you should get it.

OpenGL3050d ago

The first DLC is free if you purchased a new copy of the game.

southernbanana3050d ago

I can't wait for the DLC to be released! Alan Wake in my opinion is the best Horror Game I have played in years. It's a shame the sales havn't been what they should be for such a great game. The environments and the story really draw you in and make you feel like you are actually "in" the game. I'm not going to say it has the best graphics I have seen this generation because I'm sure people will scream Uncharted 2 (great looking game) or some other game. But I will say there is something about the art design and the overall atmosphere that makes it one of my favorites in that department. That is my opinion. I just hope this is one of those games that eventually sells a lot of copies because I would hope that there is an Alan Wake 2. If you havn't given this game a chance please do so.

Sez 3050d ago

This game is by far one of the best games I played this gen. Alan wake is by far my GOTY. Can't wait for this DLC to cont. The story. I hope they make a sequel to this game. MS shouldn't give up on this title because of the reviews or low sales.

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The story is too old to be commented.