Megabits: Top Ten N64 Games part 2

Often described as the beginning of the end for Nintendo's dominance of the gaming market, the N64 was a far better console than that simplistic description would suggest, with stacks of excellent games making use of a box that arguably exceeded the power of it's Sony rival. Check out the final five in our rundown of the best N64 games.

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MiamiACR3082d ago

The N64 was one of the greatest consoles I have ever owned, it was mostly my most played console next to the PS1, although part of the reason for that had to go to Goldeneye. When I picked that sucker up, well begged my mom for it since I always loved James bond, I never knew that what I was playing would be known as one of the forefathers of FPS and one of the first ones that took it's shot at 4 player mutiplayer and succeeded. Fun to look back at the good old days of gaming, where it was only known to few but enough to insure profit, now a days shit has just gotten out of hand. Great list.

poopface13082d ago

Id include Turok 1 on there as I loved it, especially how challenging it was.

Id put blast corps on there instead of pilot wings.