Double PSN Update Next Week

CVG: SCEE’s Mike Kebby has confirmed that next week, E3 week, will see a double PSN Store update

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jay23112d ago

As for putting the entire Sony press conference up on the Store once it’s done, “I believe that’s the plan, yes,” said Kebby.


The PlayStation Store Manager also deflected a question regarding today’s PSN downtime. “As if I’m falling for that,” he said, in response to rumours about Sony’s PSN Premium service for E3.

So that's confirmed, then.

Kurisu3112d ago

"As for putting the entire Sony press conference up on the Store once it’s done, “I believe that’s the plan, yes,” said Kebby."

That's gonna take me forever to download on my connection!

koehler833112d ago


Last year they split it up into I think 3 parts to help alleviate that. I'm sure this year will be no different. They may even split it up into more relevant chunks based on topic changes.

Regarding the impending premium service, which I'm certain will come to fruition: I have no intention of paying anything until Canada receives parity on all services. I don't care what they offer.

snakebite363112d ago

I just hope I can resist going on N4g until after watching the conference. I want to be surprised while watching the conference, not while reading headlines.

WhittO3111d ago

just watch it streamed online, might be crap and slow etc but its the only way to watch live, then you can watch it again in detail later on, that my plan anyway.

Would be nice if Sony streamed it themselves on the PS Blog or something.

snakebite363111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

I would if I could, but this year I won't be home for E3.

Edit: @Whitto
I guess I'll have to change n4g from being my homepage.

WhittO3111d ago

rr that's bit crap haha, if i were you then i would stay away from the internet untill you download the conference on PSN.

N4G and all the other sites usually crash anyway and its overloaded with stories here, every refresh is like 10 new stories haha, gets hard to keep track!

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jay23112d ago

Yeah, Downloading from PSN was bloody slow for me as well, until I did this.

Kurisu3112d ago

Bubbles to you jay2 for posting that. My main computer is broke though, so I can't do that! Thanks anyway!

@koehler83: Oh yes I remember it being split up in to different bits now! Even so, it will still take me a while to download them all. Sky Broadband least for me, anyway. Haha.

nickjkl3111d ago

thats strange i never had that problem

TheMART3112d ago

Just to for this weeks EU PSN update:

Heads up for you all, I was able to just log in @ lunch break and the EU update is online RIGHT NOW!

I just picked up Joe Danger for 12,99 Euro

Be quick, before EU PSN is down in about 3 to 4 hours!

jay23112d ago

Thanks, downloading.

kingdavid3112d ago

Yep thanks. dling now as well.

You woulda thought sony would hold off the maintenance at least a day after the update.. ah well it should dl in time.

Sitris3112d ago

Just jumped right downstairs, bought it and began downloading. Totaly forgot it was today haha

Thankyou alot


Joni-Ice3112d ago

I just hope if offers some really great features.

Kurisu3111d ago

I can't really get excited about it until I know all the ins and outs of the service! I'm hoping it will be decent :)

Perkel3111d ago

gona watch it in HOME

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