Red Dead Redemption: More than 70% of PC gamers want a PC-Port

PC Games asked more than 1,000 readers which games should get ported to the PC. The answer is clear. More than 70 percent voted for Red Dead Redemption. Alan Wake placed third with only 4 percent. Check the link for the whole list of the most wanted PC ports.

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Letros3106d ago

wow, some big name console titles in there too

toaster3106d ago

I'd rather not have a Red Dead port if Rockstar are just going to do a half arsed job with it like GTAIV.

STONEY43106d ago

GTA4 wasn't a half arsed job on PC, maybe if you actually played it, it had far better graphics (more shadows, not as insanely jaggie looking, no overdone depth of field, ect.) then the console version, and I can say this because I own both. And don't complain about the performance on PC, the console struggled to keep even 30 fps (feels like 25 more often than not) at only 720p (even lower on the PS3 version which is what I own) and with somewhat shoddy graphics.

toaster3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

I have played it on PC. And I have it on 360. I'm just saying GTAIV for PC was poorly optimized for PC. At that time I was running an Athlon 64 X2, 2G DDR3, and 9800GT SLI and my machine was chugging along slowly at 30FPS. Of course it has better textures and higher resolution but that's a given for multiplats. I'm sayig that GTAIV could have been optimized a little better without using up so many resources for a game that doesn't even look nice to begin with.

Read over your comment again I'm not so sure you played the PC version because even my friends' quad cores and GTX 260s and higher were still barely breaking 35 FPS. FOR GTA IV, clock speeds and/or number of cores means nothing as GTAIV will eat up as much as you give it without giving as much as 10 extra frames. That and the poor graphics of the game to begin with make it ugly. I did enjoy the game though and it ran ok at 30FPS but in my experience it was one of the worst ports I've played.

Motion3106d ago

"maybe if you actually played it" - you'd realize how POORLY optimized the engine was for the pc, texture pop-up is horrid, NO anti-aliasing possible, not even forced through hardware, and terrible frame rates even on high end machines.

"And don't complain about the performance on PC, the console struggled to keep even 30 fps" This isn't a valid point for the frame rate being poor. It only shows that the engine was developed poorly on the console as well.

evrfighter3106d ago

id buy rdr again for the pc. I would be very interested in what the modding community could do with it.

perhaps a 64-128 man online free roam with dots disabled.

badz1493106d ago

I think RDR will find its way to PC just like GTAIV! R* want money from PC sales and PC gamers want the MODS!! - the best thing ever about PC gaming!

Chris_TC3106d ago

Um, yeah. I don't care one bit about mods. But I still want RDR on PC.

WildArmed3106d ago

I hope they do a good port.
Because I know alot of people that would kill for this lol

It's a great game, something that can't be said for GTA4 imo

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Corrwin3106d ago

That's 30% of PC gamers in the survey who said "No, I'm ok with no port"?

Why not make the survey at least interesting (and equally as useless) and ask if Console gamers want a PC port?

TheIneffableBob3106d ago

No, that's not how it worked.

70% of the 1,000 wanted Red Dead Redemption. The other 30% wanted other games -- for example, 4% wanted Alan Wake. Read the article.

Chris_TC3106d ago

People could pick only a single game: the one they want ported the most.
That's why Heavy Rain or Alan Wake have such low percentages. Can't vote for all of them, so most people chose RDR.

washingmachine3106d ago

half of those will pirate lol

terrorofdeath3106d ago

That should be the reason why they won't put out a PC port. I mean, look at that other article about Final Fantasy Dissidia.

r1sh123106d ago

I dont want a PC port of RDR...
It means the PC players will mod it then port the mods back to the xbox.

Charmers3106d ago

I must be one of the 30% that really couldn't give a toss if Rockstar bring RDR to the PC. It certainly isn't a title I would inflict on my PC that's for sure. I am sick and tired of putting up with the mouldy scraps that Rockstar throw our way.

It goes without saying any port of RDR will use the PC version of the RAGE game engine which is fundamentally broken on the PC thus it will be a complete waste of time and money. I would much rather Rockstar just made an announcement that they don't have the skill or the cojones to produce games on the PC and leave the PC platform.

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