Cliffy B – Kind Of A Douche!

Nathan Schmidt writes...

"So I usually put up a post towards the end of every year describing the biggest douche bag moves in the gaming industry for the last 365 days. Well Cliffy B just soared to the top of my list..."

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wxer3027d ago

he is not Kind Of A Douche ...... HE IS A DOUCHE

Conloles3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

599 US DOLLARS! Whys he a douche? Because hes actually a cool person in the video game industry? What you guys think gaming is still just for nerds?

Sitris3027d ago

running around screaming my games bigger and better than yours!
Sounds pretty annoying to me......wait every game company says that, i stand corrected

MNicholas3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

But his job is to excite his game's fan base and has figured out a way to get dorks to look up to him.

Dude4203027d ago

Did you guys read the article? Cliff just called out CVG for misquoting him. If anything, CVG are complete douches just fueling the flames just to get hits.

corneliuscrust3027d ago

no one READS THE FUCKING ARTICLE here. They just read the summary and post something negative about microsoft.

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militant073027d ago

show me, how are you better than him!

Imalwaysright3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

What kind of logic is that?!!? If Xiphos was a douche it wouldnt mean that Cliffy wasnt one either wich would entitle Xiphos to call Cliffy douche even though he is a douche himself... Hypothetically speaking of course.

DarkFinalGod3027d ago

i know man he made one of my favs (shooter) game ever Gears 1 (2 was crap compared to 1) but ya man he maybe a douche but he still is better than some other developers.

militant073027d ago

first of all this comment is reply to first post, it would be under Xiphos's post ,if it was for him.

over that Im asking the first poster to proof that hes better than CliffyB

Megaton3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

If I'm a master of douchebaggery, it simply means I can spot others of my kind. Also, Cliffy B. making Gears doesn't make him not a douche. It's all in the attitude. He's an obnoxious guy. A "douche", one might say.

A lot of people say the same about David Jaffe because he's always mouthing off about something. Doesn't mean his games suck or anything.

Douches can go on to live extremely successful lives these days. It's not the handicap it once was.

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Double Toasted3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago ) Did someone just create this site for Cliff, lol? Never mind, I don't care enough. But, Nathan Shit, you're a fine example of one of many reasons why gaming "journalism" is shit!

Edit: And like I said before, Cliff and Epic have brought 3 new franchises this gen...3. They can say whatever they like, ha!

Galaxia3027d ago

I like Cliff Bleszinski. He created Gears of War, what the hell did Nathan Schidt ever do? I'd much rather listen to Cliff and I agree with him with what he's saying here.

I can't point out where but I've heard of Nate Schmidt before in relation to some shitty article/journalism.

Jack Klugman3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

+bubble and well said!

CVG are the douchebags here and add this Nate Shmidt to it as well.. A nobody with an internet connection and a computer that is all. Wake me up Nate when you make your first million calling people douches.

poopface13027d ago

nomatter how MUCH you hate Cliffy B. GO to this site and at least read the comments.

The guy who wrote this "article" lost his cool sooo bad and had a bigger breakdown then anyone on this site ever has.

He proves that HES A MORON, and hes part of the crappy blog problem.

read his comment, cussing out "people from N4G."

hahahahahha. Crappy blog is a crappy blog. He lumped himself with the crappy blogs, and his moronic comment proves the little brains he has.

Christopher3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

I consider Cliffy B to be the Dane Cook of the gaming world.

As to the article? We're not going to see an end to idiotic comments from gaming figure heads anytime soon, unfortunately. Especially when their comments are taken completely out of context.

wages of sin3027d ago

Based on what exactly? Because he makes primarily 360 titles? It figures, this is N4G afterall.

At any rate, Cliffy is right in what he said. He was quoted incorrectly and has every right to say what he said.

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Komega3027d ago

In this case, I would have to agree

OSU_Gamer3027d ago

Lol, of course you would....Nice Avatar.

O look, you also submitted the article.

How are those "hits" treating you?

Or should I call you Nathan?

FanboyAttack3027d ago

Also good picture...the douchery is strong here.

koehler833027d ago

Oh come now. He's not that bad a dude. He's just enthusiastic. He's also constantly taken out of context; Much in the same way as David Jaffe.

ChronoJoe3027d ago

Jaffe doesn't say stupid stuff though.

koehler833027d ago

Well I very rarely hear anything directly from Cliff's mouth. It's always hearsay. Anytime I do see him on camera with a mic in his face he's contained and relevant. His appearance on the PS Blog talking about Bulletstorm is a good example.

OSU_Gamer3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

Jaffe is a douche as well...sorry to say


Supposedly he is making Twisted everyone is all over his nuts and he knows it.

ultramoot3027d ago

This is not a surprise. He was Douchebag of the Year 2009, and an unchallenged candidate for DOTY 2010.

kingdavid3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

he did nothing in 09, kept his mouth shut mostly. (apart from not resisting taking stage at e3 for shadow complex).

Do you mean 08?

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