FIFA 11 vs. FIFA 10: Screenshot comparison

Videogameszone compares the first FIFA 11 images with the first FIFA 10 images. In FIFA 11 you have more realistic players than in FIFA 10.

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vhero3086d ago

So we are yet again comparing a finished game to one in the making?? And those shits released are most likely touched up shots too....

Hades13373086d ago

Actually they're comparing FIFA 11 in the making with FIFA 10 in the making, because the FIFA 11 screenshots look a lot like FIFA 10.

Leviathon64253086d ago

the graphics don't need to improve in my opinion.. they need to improve the player mechanics, they are to sluggish... its ridiculous how a few dribbles and players can be in front of goal leaving the defender behind in the dust

STiRacer3086d ago

they need to work on the gameplay. the controls still feel sluggish and headers feel like theyre in slow motion. who cares about screenshots, show me the gameplay.

badz1493086d ago

a few dribbles? have you EVER play it? I play FIFA constantly and even with the legendary level, no one even the AI can dribble pass more than 3 at most! dribbling in FIFA is a lot harder compared to PES considering how easy it is to tackle the ball!

ultramoot3086d ago

All I see is a dairy farm. Got milk?

badz1493086d ago

this has been going since the beginning! - with almost all sports games! they will be out every year! although sometimes, they are more like a roster updates, but console owners don't really have any choice if they want to play with the latest lineups! here is where the PC versions of FIFA and PES shine. with the mods and free roster updates, I can still play PES2009 and FIFA09 with 2010's lineups!

milking CoD is a different story though!

Domer253086d ago

Yeah, I agree that the mechanics are about the only thing that needs improvement in the series. God i can't wait for the world cup to begin, few more days now.

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