Mephisto and the Sin War: Diablo Lore Special Preview by DiabloWiki

Why is it that Diablo even managed to become the Dark Wanderer and free his brother from his shackles? Mephisto who is up for closer inspection...

Out of the three Prime Evils, Mephisto is the oldest one, allegedly the weakest but also the most cunning and definitely most evil.

He has unmatched skill in manipulating the undead for dark purposes (as opposed to Necromancers), and he is, inadvertently one of the initial forces behind Sanctuary even coming to existence, and even keeping it from destruction.

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Cogo3109d ago

Cold and calculating...

Maticus3109d ago

Lol, you could put it like that!

Dorjan3109d ago

He doesn't look to be weak! :lol:

Djorgo3109d ago

He is like the smallest in stature from all of the Prime Evils. I don't know if that relates to power in the world there...

Zergling3109d ago

This is such a cool article! It looks so good and is a really interesting read. I also love the moving pictures that are in it too.
Such a cool and really good article.

Djorgo3109d ago

Welcome to the world of internet. We have gifs :)

Actually, most gifs suck, but that is kinda cool. Almost like a flash animation, but small.

King Klear3109d ago

Mephisto haven't been a great deal in the games so far... maybe it's about to change.

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The story is too old to be commented.