Xbox Live 'Bringing it Home': Comic-Con Style recently noticed an ad on the Xbox LIVE Dashboard titled "Comic-Con 2007 is coming. July 26-29" with the Xbox LIVE 'Bringing it Home' tag right below it.

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Guess Who I Am4135d ago


I see M$ is using the word "Home" in that slogan. They must really view Sony's "Home" as a threat to Live. Trying to steal some thunder are we M$?

Effects Guardian4135d ago

Microsoft used "Bringing it Home" at last year's E3 .. which is about a year before Sony announced HOME, so ..

God of Gaming4135d ago (Edited 4135d ago )

Yep.. I still have some gamerpics from LIVE a year before HOME was announced that says "Bringing it Home".... just to warn you the word HOME happends to be used often in every day life. It does not mean everytime the word is used that person should pay a fee to Sony..

Rockstar4135d ago

good news for 360 owners.

Always fun to watch comic-con.

Rhezin4135d ago (Edited 4135d ago )

ok what the hell. do all of you get ads on your dashboard, I never get ads or anything it's always blank with the xboxlive signal thingy but no ads! WTF?!

f!ck that I control my own account, and I got no parental controls on maybe it is my connection or something.

Caxtus7504135d ago

has little olf Rhezin got a little old kids account? :D

Possibly a connection problem I guess.