Neversoft working on "new action shooter"

GamerZines: According to a job vacancy posted on LinkedIn, Neversoft Entertainment, those of Tony Hawk: Pro Skater, Guitar Hero and Gun fame, are looking for an experienced level builder to work on a "new action shooter game."

Could this be the long awaited sequel to Gun? We certainly hope so.

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Quagmire2932d ago

Just what we need! Another shooter!


nickjkl2932d ago

hmm thats what i said

im never buying another shooter again ill support other genres i havent heard about

Rikyfree2932d ago

I'll take a sequel to gun, please!

Faztkiller2932d ago

Yes GUN 2 that would be awesome I like GUN even more then RDR

captain-obvious2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

i didn't like the first GUN that much
but i did love the graphics which looked really really good for that time on the PS2

and in my opinion both red dead revolver and red dead redemption are better than GUN
but that's just me


i'm actually starting to get tired of shooters.
they're starting to come out from just about everywhere.

PandaJenkins2932d ago

oh god... neversoft... uhg. I won't deny Gun was good, but another gun would be terrible with Red Dead Redemption out there, plus I also think Neversoft have turned into a crummy studio since then. They are just Activision's little slave now.

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