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N4GAddict2933d ago

Can't wait to try out Joe Danger.

Cevapi882933d ago

made by 4 guys and getting great reviews....just shows you how much can be accomplished no matter if you are a Triple A dev or just a couple of guys who are heading into the foray of gaming :)

thereapersson2933d ago

The ps3 has so many exciting, creative games. I'm really glad that Sony has made it their mission to really push "Play, Create, Share" this generation, to help bring us out of the generic stagnation that seems to be running rampant these days.

THC CELL2933d ago

if the store is down at 3pm that means we will miss the update for 12 hours?

TheMART2933d ago

Can someone update inhere when the PSN EU store has updated? Thanks in advance!

Everyone go buy this game, it deserves it. The guy that started this studio sold his house to do so and they work with 4 people now, its insane how these guys pulled this off! Great game, Sonic like gameplay but then on a motorcycle!

peeps2933d ago

Tempted by Joe Danger.

Also Section 8 for £8.69 lol i guess it really isn't selling. For that price i'd be tempted to try it but have a feeling no one will even be playing it online

TheMART2933d ago

Heads up for you all, I was able to just log in @ lunch break and the EU update is online RIGHT NOW!

I just picked up Joe Danger for 12,99

Be quick, before EU PSN is down in about 3 to 4 hours!

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