Threads of Fate dated for Japanese Playstation Store

Square Enix reveals the official release date for Threads of Fate, known in Japan as Dewprism, on the Japanese Playstation Store.

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N4GAddict3110d ago

Waiting for it to come to the US

-Mezzo-3110d ago

I have never heard of this game before.

SpaceSquirrel3110d ago

It wasn't as good or popular as the other Square Enix RPGs but Threads of Fate is a solid title.

mjolliffe3110d ago

Should be interesting :)


instant playstation classic.
though i won't be buying it from the playstation store.
i'll get the original from amazon.
i'm the type of guy who has to get the original game.

3110d ago
Magnus3110d ago

Well atleast they are releasing another great title to the PSN store and now they have Xenogears I wonder how long before we get Xenogears and this game.

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