How to install iOS4 NOW

Want to get a crack at that iOS4 goodness that Steve Jobs graced us with just yesterday, but don’t have the developer account that you need? We have good news, you can get your hands dirty now thanks to the powers of the internet.

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Lex_Yayo_4073115d ago

PC version of the latest beta for iTunes hasn't been released yet. So more than likely if your a PC user, you will have to wait to probably the end of this month to try out iOS 4.0.

GOS_SAND-MAN3115d ago

This is only available for MAC Users.

Running Great Tho.. Check it out!

jjesso19933115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

ive been using os 4.0 for weeks now

Corrwin3115d ago

Coming up tomorrow, a new Steam and Windows 7 update!

WTF has this got to do with games?

Tony999Montana3115d ago

1. There's a tech section to N4G.
2. iPhone is a popular gaming platform. You wouldn't say the same if it was an 360 or PS3 firmware update.
3. Steam is all about gamin so I don't quite understand your analogy.