10 Things You Need To Know About FIFA 11

Following a recent trip to EA Sports Vancouver, GamerZines have been able to uncover the first details on FIFA 11, including a first look at this year's 'Pro Passing' system, 'Personality ', and the new custom chants feature. Read on to find out ten things you need to know about FIFA 11!

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ad4mb3109d ago

sounds great, hope they keep the pitch from Fifa world cup cause the one in Fifa 10 looks like a green plastic mat

turok3109d ago

And so PES will still get whipped by FIFA.

Wrathman3109d ago

true and such a shame aswell.i loved the franchise till it ceased to evolve by pro which fifa leaped frogged it and became superior in every aspect.watching previews of the new pro and its 8 directional movements,it just looks old and tired.

pro is a perfect example of a game which didnt evolve and is destroyed by that.
RIP PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER..your name is now oxymoron.anti-evolution soccer

almost an example of japanese game development as a whole.

CYBERSNAKE3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

'Martin Tyler and Andy Gray are back'

Why?? They suck, what's wrong with Clive Tyldesley?