3D FIFA "not that far off", says EA Sports

Speaking in an interview with GamerZines, EA Sports' David Rutter has revealed that a 3D FIFA is "not that far off", though he'd "be surprised" if the team manages to include it in FIFA 11.

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Conloles3114d ago

Sigh enough with this 3d crap already, no one has the tv's!

vx3114d ago

the train is moving, for me i don't have the 3D Tv yet waiting for Sony's


this on the 360 section too?!!!

DrDreadlox3114d ago

Due to your constant bitching about 3D, the entire industry has decided to halt all progress on this technology. Congratulations, you can now sleep at night, troll.

sikbeta3114d ago


Sorry dude, but the FIFA Worldcup will Transmit Completely in 3D, Millions of Fans all over The World will go To Buy a 3DTV to Watch Their National Teams in the Full Glory of 3D

Don't Forget that The Whole 3D thing is Heavily Supported by loads of industries...