EA Sports: PES is still "absolutely" a threat

FIFA 11's producer David Rutter has told GamerZines that Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer series still "absolutely" poses a threat to FIFA, saying that though "there was a turning point a few years ago", the team at EA is still "paying attention to them".

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Senden3111d ago

Lol a bit humble.. fifa is at least two years ahead of pes in terms of gameplay and modes. Fifa clubs alone in terms of the sports recreation is light years ahead of what konami is doing. This is coming from someone who used to religiously play pes. Everything konami has shown for the new pes looks about as gimmicky as the last few years with their monkeys making it sound like the second coming of jesus, well they've been saying the exact same thing over the last three years and the fanboys don't help when they all try and say that each new edition has been designed from the ground up which is just complete tosh.

GrieverSoul3111d ago

Fifa definitly took the crown this generation.
PES was a big let down since it entered HD. That Seabass guy is constantly talking that this time his team is ready for it, that this time it will be the true PES he himself envisioned and crap like that always ended up... like crap!!

But PES had its importance in the genre. FIFA greatly improved because of that. In the PS2 I coulnd stand playing more that a match in FIFA but in PES its the other way around. All night long with PES and friends. Ah... good times.

Masta Kaos3111d ago

PES 2010 is the Game for me and everybody from my neighborhood.....Fifa exaggerates alot 4 me.

ad4mb3111d ago

Fifa is miles ahead of PES at the moment, the animations in PES feel like your playing with rusty puppets (lol kinda) and overall the features in PES are no where near what Fifa has to offer

tunaks13110d ago

pes on wii was awesome,
seriously the most strategic game of football i've ever played