Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Review - writes, "It’s been 17 months since Ubisoft released its Prince of Persia franchise reboot, and now the Prince is back just in time for the theatrical release of the Sands of Time movie. However this is not the untitled prince of the 2008 game, but the old Prince from the Sands of Time trilogy. Gone is the fantastic art. Gone is Elika and her death-defying help. Gone are the one-on-one fights. Instead the Prince gets his time-rewinding abilities back as well as a sleigh of snazzy new elemental powers."

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Meodia_Art3111d ago

With all these games coming out, I'll probably wait until I give this a go.

BrunoBRS3111d ago

i'd much rather have the "new prince" again... hope ubi hasn't given up on him yet.

Smokeyy903111d ago

From reading the review sounds like its a pretty solid overall game. Might give it a rent over the summer.