Mafia II Demo + Red Dead Redemption DLC Support.

Ripten Gaming Blog has the exact quote to prove a Mafia II demo is on its way. As well as possible talks of a Red Dead Redemption sequel and DLC.

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sixaxis2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

"RDR sold over 5 million copies"

i was almost right. :)

i said back then: , "i think it will achieve 4 million with first 2 months"

Brickedsoles2990d ago

Yep but they needed 4million in sales just to break even. So hope it sells alot more.

kingdavid2989d ago

Pachter wrong....


KILLERAPP2990d ago

Congrats rockstar for once again proving you’re the king of sand box games, can’t wait to see what is next…

HopSkotch2990d ago

LOL Title spelt wrong "Red* Dead Redemption" there ya go ;)

Drjft2990d ago

Shit. I didn't even notice. Thanks!

gtamike2989d ago

I care more for the Mafia II Demo

beavis4play2989d ago

so we can live out johns adventures when he rode with dutch.