Call of Duty 4 Xbox 360 box art features 'Storage Required' sticker

Developer Infinity Ward is asking community members (registration required) to pick from one of five box arts for the impending Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare launch. The artwork is fairly similar for each of the selections, including a curious sticker next to the ESRB tag that says "storage required" under what appears to be an Xbox 360 disk drive and a memory unit.

If just a memory unit is required, the financial burden on those without disk drives won't be so hard ... but honestly, is anyone using their Xbox 360 without some storage method? We've contacted publisher Activision (and Jamie Kennedy, of course) for more information.

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marinelife94110d ago

Finally! Who cares about the people with the gimped systems! If they want to play the game they'll need to buy a peripheral.

sony fan4110d ago (Edited 4110d ago )

360 owners get games that use hardrive space but get to choose wether of not they want to pay extra just to have faster download times on a game or 2 they might not even want. But PS3 owners are once again forced to pay a lot for things they don't need or even want. A memory card does now come with the core, and it is a lot cheaper than being forced to buy a hardrive that they don't intend to use. And PS3 owners thought they had an advantage by being forced to buy an expensive hardrive, ignorance.

dantesparda4109d ago

Damn Sony Fan, you need to get off the 360's nuts! cuz you are bigtime on them! You speak of hating fanboys, yet you act like one of the biggest fanboys on here.

But yeah, i agree that this is good, and should have been done a long time ago. But i also think that all 360s should have had some sort of a storage device since the beginning. And to all the idiots (like Sony Fan) who dont think so. I didnt hear you buffoons talk sh!t when the original Xbox came with one (a HDD), so, so much for your choice there. So shut it, you fake fvcks, cuz your just showing you ignorance and fanboyism.

Now hurry it up and get back to me already (my Xbox 360). Its supposed to come back tomorrow (since June 22nd)

Tsalagi4110d ago

What's the point in putting that sticker on there? All disk based games require an external way to save the game. Unless it means the are going to have part of the game saved to the Hard drive like some PS3 games do.

Guess Who I Am4110d ago (Edited 4110d ago )

Your avatar picture is exactly what M$ is doing to its "Core" buyers.

In order for the those buyers to play this game they have to buy the HDD.

Talk about "Choice"...Laughing SO Loud.

Daxx4110d ago

Core buyers usually do get a memory card sooner or later.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4110d ago

memory card comes with the core

Crazyglues4110d ago

I mean I play Rainbowsix vegas all the time and the packs that have just come out the black and red edition take up some serious space like 658mbs for the red and like 358 for the black on the hard drive.

Now with demos, themes and icons and movie & game trailers on the drive the space is filling up really quick.

Now if games start requiring disk space like COD4 and GTAIV you will soon be at a point where you will need to delete games in-order to fit required disk space for a new games... This is not a solution this option sucks... Maybe Xbox 360 needs to start putting games on HD-DVD's

drtysouf214110d ago (Edited 4110d ago )

but remember with the PS3 you atleast have the option to put any 2.5 HDD in and at a good price too from sites like newegg.

Tsalagi4110d ago (Edited 4110d ago )

Not going to happen. They only thing you can do is buy the 120GB harddrive. Microsoft has stated numerous times that no games will be on HD-DVD. I do agree with you though. It will get real annoying real fast having to erase older games to make room for new ones.

Azures4110d ago

i cant wait to upgrade my ps3 to 160+ gigs for a low low price :-D, ty newegg

Maddens Raiders4110d ago (Edited 4110d ago )

You can load up to 750 gigs of space on your PS3 dude. Yeah it costs a little extra, but we're into an expensive hobby. You've got to pay the cost to be the boss (if this even means that).

Tsalagi4110d ago

I have been wanting to add a larger HDD to my PS3 but i am afraid i will screw it up somehow.

Crazyglues4110d ago

I would love to add more space to my PS3 what are the options, do you have a link or something?

Please let me know I want to add space, I thought about getting that seagate hard drive that has it's own power, but was not sure how that would work... if you got anything showing how it's done pleas send it to me... or tell me... Please

I would love more space.

Maddens Raiders4110d ago
============================= =============================== ======

There's a host of stuff on NeoG and other PS forums that can guide you worry free!

Rest assured Tsalgi and Crazyglues, you're not going to screw anything up and it's not hard at all. I hope these links help.

Cartesian3D4110d ago

yes u can add any third party 2.5" HDD to PS3 and u can use 3.5" SATA aswell .. just use some few bucks for buying its port..

and about this news.. I think its a good decision for faster loading and more details in levels..

but how about Core users? , its simple buy 200$ 120 GB Microsoft HDD. or trade ur 360 and buy elite or Premium.