Mortal Kombat Movie “Not A Game Trailer”, Made To Sell Reimagined Film To WB

Jeri Ryan, the actress who played Sonya Blade in the movie and Seven of Nine in Star Trek: Voyager, explained what the movie is for. “It’s not a game trailer,” Ryan tweeted. “Actually was made for the director to sell WB on his vision for a reimagined MK film.”

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jaredhart3115d ago

Glad to finally understand what it was about.

DirtyLary3114d ago

Just make a back to roots game to save the franchise.

SubZero3114d ago

I dont care what this is ... i just want it. That being said the whole franchise is looking for a boost. After seeing the steps that SF took and its success this may just be what it needs.

If it is the film i would suspect the game would goin the same direction, which im cool with. As long as they take it back to 2D

evrfighter3114d ago

I really really really enjoyed that trailer.

LordMarius3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

Glad is not for a game because Baraka looked dumb as hell

tplarkin73114d ago

The makeup was too obvious.

CYCLEGAMER3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

Yes I think MK needed a change but not this much of a change, the only thing that seems to remain the same is the characters names. IMO the original story/costumes/powers were perfect especially with the technology we have today (see "The Last Airbender" trailer, or "300". Can you imagine what a Airbender/300, Mortal Kombat type movie would look like in 3D???...OMG

Oh and it has to have a great director who has a very vivid imagination with a very good understanding of the characters and their abilities.

It should also be dark and gritty like the first three MK games!

deadreckoning6663114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

"IMO the original story/costumes/powers were perfect especially with the technology we have today (see "The Last Airbender" trailer, or "300". Can you imagine what a Airbender/300, Mortal Kombat type movie would look like in 3D???...OMG"

But then it would be too UNREALISTIC...and thats not what I want to see. U seem to be a purist so a word of advice, when the next MK film comes out, just skip it, simple as that. I love the new take on MK and if some, if not most, of the powers that a couple of the characters have need to be sacrificed to cater to the more realistic, gritty rebirth of MK, then I'm all for it!

Think about it. How can the average joe who has never heard of Mortal Kombat going to take it seriously when you have Sonya shooting mini-fireballs out of her palms?

CYCLEGAMER3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

First of all, besides the character models when was Mortal Kombat actually "realistic"? There is a little fantasy in everything. I think you may have misunderstood my comment. Like I said I am not against change, change is good, however I feel as though this change in particular is to DRASTIC! I agree more with REIBOOI, in the fact that yes to much gore would make the film too cartoony, but a good mesh between fantasy and reality while keeping it gritty would be great for this movie.

Deadreckonin666, can you imagine if they tried to do XMEN the way that they are doing this movie? Come on man, I mean did you see Baraka for Pete's sake?

On a side note I wonder how they are going to fit Raiden into this "New approach" or is his character not "realistic" enough?

Reibooi3114d ago

No actually they should do it. This is a ADAPTATION! The reason 90% of video game to film movies suck is because they simply either change everything or change nothing and both end up causing things to fail. You cannot make the game the movie and likewise you cannot make the movie and use the name only.

This however has a good balance. It takes the characters and concepts and keeps those intact and then creates it's own world and story and runs with it. That's the best way to do it.

While I agree that the LOOK of the original Mortal Kombat games would work live action the violence would not mesh with said look. That's the main reason the original MK movie wasn't super gory or violent. It looked great. The outfits were spot on and the fight scenes were great. But if they added insane over the top gore with that look it would have looked cartoony.

With the look in this short film it matches and works well enough that you know who is who and still can be violent and true to the MK name.

KILLERAPP3115d ago

People need to give this a change they tried it long ago and it fail they should take this way and see what is like if it sucks then when can move on and make it better, but enlist let’s give them a chance, over the last couple of years they have made enlist two great video games adaptations in Hitman and prince of Persia that just came out…

Nitrowolf23114d ago

yeah the last few MK movie idk
1 was Okay i could sit and watch it and it had a story
Number 2, that one idk

I like this, its a new take on the movie and it looks great
my only issue is i want a story behind it, not just that clip and then they are in the arena for like the whole movie just fighting. Its okay to do that but there has to be more then just that

nikkisixx23114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

wow, I don't know anyone who mistook that trailer for a game trailer. Some people are idiots.

Games4M - Rob3114d ago

There's nothing unusual about live action trailers for video games - Halo has shitloads of them.

lpfisher3114d ago

Yeah but I never for a second thought this was for a game. They wouldn't change the characters that much in a game; at least I hope not.

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