Splinter Cell: Conviction – Crush! Frag! Review!

With less skulking and a whole lot more shooting, Crush! Frag! Destroy! reviewer Sage Knox expresses his disappointment in Spliter Cell's gameplay shift.

"Back from a tumultuous slumber, the stealthy panther that is Sam Fisher has risen from the ashes for Splinter Cell: Conviction. Originally announced in 2007 as a hobo simulator, Sam’s new adventure disembarks from the classic “sneak-and-evade” gameplay of old and boasts a “sneak-and-destroy” focus.

My constant struggle with Conviction’s new style has hampered my ability to adequately enjoy the game as others have. When SC:C opens, it’s quite apparent that the series’ constant option to exclusively use stealth doesn’t apply anymore. Within the first 30 seconds of player-controlled action you’re tasked with gunning down a couple of unaware guards. Conviction isn’t the traditional stealth-action game: it’s a sneaky third-person shooter and it doesn’t hide it."

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