PS3 250GB Father’s Day bundle ranks in top 50 sales

Advanced sales for Sony Corp.’s new Playstation 3 Father’s Day bundle ranked in the top 50 sales at following strong weekend demand for the product.

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jaredhart3107d ago

It even does Father's Day.

ReservoirDog3163107d ago

I wouldn't have thought they'd pack LittleBigPlanet with it. Just doesn't seem father's day-y.

ll_UNDERSCORE_ll3107d ago

Yeah I agree. LBP for a Fathers day bundle just isn't targeting the father. even if they would of packed a couple blu-ray movies, it would be a better package.

BX813107d ago

"It even does Father's Day." That was lame!

MGRogue20173107d ago

... There's no way in hell that I'll be buying my Dad a PS3 slim.. I mean, come on now.. lol

rob60213107d ago

show him tigerwoods 2011 and PS move if he golfs.

HopSkotch3107d ago

My Dad wouldn't know the first thing about gaming...

mp12893107d ago

they ate it up already, its already $530 from third party sellers. there aren't enough ps3s!

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