Class of Heroes 3 Going Multiplatform

In the recent issue of Famitsu magazine, Acquire announces a new Class of Heroes title on both the PS3, and PSP.

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ClownBelt3110d ago

I never even heard of this title before...

MightyMark4273110d ago

Atlus released the PSP versions a few years ago.

Dragun6193110d ago

Well, If Atlus published the first one for PSP here in a America then there's a likely chance that they may localize both Class of Heroes 2G & Class of Heroes 3 for PS3& PSP since they're having quite the success publishing PS3 titles such as Demons Soul's and 3D Dot Heroes.

Hopefully, Atlus gives this game a $40 price tag.

Godmars2903110d ago

Of course the things I'm not seeing with a game like this that REALLY needs to be there character customization for the PS3 vesion, and that's only for starters.

I mean, what other title could benefit from a Mass Effect/Fallout style dialog tree than a anime-type school for dungeon crawlers title?

Chris3993110d ago

Mass Effect and Fallout are 1st/ 3rd person shooters with RPG mechanics and open world design.

This game is basically like an anime version of Wizardry.

webeblazing3110d ago

all the things you said has been done in jrpgs and in rpgs period, and i mean a long time so i dont get what your saying.

Godmars2903110d ago

Building relationships with members of your party. Getting a teacher to show you a special attack or merchant to sell you a rare item. Arguing with rivals, a boss character before a fight, possibly getting them to join you. Use dialog trees to add depth.

And while much of this has been done in other JRPGs, the point is that character customization doesn't seem to be in this one. Which is basically going to be a higher rezed PSP port.

karlowma3110d ago

This is a great game, but a little too easy if you know what you're doing. I definitely look forward to another vesion, hopefully with the now standard Atlus difficulty level!