Joe Danger: The years best downloadable title

Joe Danger, a Playstation Network exclusive game, might just be the year’s best downloadable title. Not very often does a downloadable title hold my attention for more than a couple of hours. I usually play it little and varied, and then eventually forget about it. This is not the case with Joe Danger.

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riderofpl4gues2994d ago

i loved your article. made me buy it

InfectedDK2994d ago

I was going to buy it anyway later today but great articles/reviews makes it even better (;

MultiConsoleGamer2994d ago

Easily one of the best downloadable games I've ever played. I completely agree with the author's enthusiasm.

-Alpha2994d ago

You gotta love when a game pops up like this and manages to do so well.

Mr Patriot2994d ago

Man PSN is getting packed with AAA titles after titles.... awesome time to be a ps3 owner..

Blaze9292994d ago ShowReplies(10)
bjornbear2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

but PSN has had some awesome games recently =) especially since Braid came along, with games like Critter Crunch, Flower and PixelJunk games, PSN is growing =D this game is another sign of maturity

even if it does go multi-plat, its a great sign that its so successful on one platform only!

candystop2994d ago ShowReplies(1)
tiamat52994d ago

Just think 4 guys alone made a game that is better then a lot of downloadable games made by whole companies. Sony needs to hire these guys on to their team to add to their PSN line up.

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The story is too old to be commented.