Bulletstorm Cannibal-Meal Mailer: Ground Solider, Bagged & Tagged

"I don’t think I’ve ever been more happy to not get a package in the mail. The concoction you see above was sent out on behalf of EA, People Can Fly, and Epic Games to promote their upcoming title Bulletstorm, and to solicit a vote for best original game at E3.

As you can clearly see, it is meant to come across as a 1.13 lb offering of ground Echo Squadron soldier meat, seasoned with dog tags, shades, bullet casings, loose teeth, buttons, and scraps of shredded clothing. Here’s a complete run down from the packaging label...."

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Nostradavis3112d ago

I want to see the look on a vegetarian writer that gets that package.

FrankDaTank3112d ago

crazy is letting that meat go to waste when people are starving. id pluck the crap out and cook it.

Drjft3112d ago

Just the right thing for us writers to be eating to save us from the upcoming E3 storm.

Nostradavis3112d ago

How do you figure that? Eating humans helps with stress?

Keltik823112d ago

That is kind of demented actually.

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The story is too old to be commented.