Another Motorstorm 3 Screen

Ironstar: Yet another Motorstorm 3 screen from the game has been leaked, apparently someone has some sort of copy of this game that has yet to be officially announced.

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Shadow Flare2452d ago

That looks intense. I guess they've worked on the damage system even more

SpaceFox2452d ago

The question is... who cares? Lots of people have seen this in action, ever heard of QA?

Timberland2K92452d ago

When loading screens get us excited you know it's gonna be beast!

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Bathyj2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )


Thats what I dont get about the Xboxers. Half the time they get mad at us for trolling yet were not even mentioning the Xbox, were praising the PS3.

Maybe a loading screen is a bit much to get excited about, but who is anyone the knock you for being happy with your console. Leave us alone.

PS leave my bubbles alone too, I made a joke note even directed at a console or person, had it deleted and lost a bubble for it. Has anyone got 4 bubbles yet? Do they even go UP anymore?

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Cajun Chicken2452d ago

How can you get excited over a loading screen? Really?

SpaceFox2452d ago

Lol, this. No big deal.

TotalPS3Fanboy2452d ago

It's a...

(wait for it)


ajeben8092452d ago

its not so much the screen(which does look cool) thats so exciting its knowing that motorstorm 3 is real

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The story is too old to be commented.