The Legend of Zelda doesn't need to be 'mature'

Gaming Gauge writes: "Amidst recent comments from G4 about a theoretical Bioware Zelda game being ‘a Zelda for mature people’ as well as rampant speculation about what Zelda Wii should be there has been a significant interest in what the nature and feel of Zelda really is."

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EvilTwin3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )


I agree with the essence of the article, but the definition of "mature" is apparently incredibly narrow for the dudebro gaming demographic.

Just look at how many people missed the ENTIRE PLOT of Twilight Princess. "It's just about saving Zelda again, right?" Well, no, as the subtitle of the game doesn't even refer to her; and the game is all about the redemption of Midna and the Twili, the corrupting influence of power, and the way relationships and worlds themselves are darkly mirrored (the freaking worlds are linked by a mirror, fer the love of Tattle; this stuff is implicit and not explicitly laid out in the text, but it's painfully obvious).

No, Zelda didn't lose its trademark sense of adventure, but the plot was, IMO, much more mature than the VAST majority of videogames.

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