Valve’s Big E3 Surprise Revealed?

After the developer cancelled a planned reveal of Portal 2 for this year’s E3, instead hinting at a surprise for the event, the rumor mill went into full effect as to what Valve had planned. Now, a source has pointed GameZone to a supposed screen capture from Valve’s website, revealing that the big surprise in question is none other than Counter-Strike 2.

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Blacktric3108d ago

It'd be nice but I still prefer a Half Life 2: Episode 3 or Half Life 3 announcement. Maybe they use both Counter Strike 2 and Half Life 3 as poster titles for Source Engine 2 just like they did with Source Engine. Who knows?

Conloles3107d ago

Lol low res screenshot? Yeah definitely not true, adding to that why the hell would Valve be working on the CSS beta then? So obvious this is fake.

thematrix12983107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Are they releasing another 'left for dead 2.24'?

Give me CS...!

Montrealien3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

umm, you got CS 2.78 right now.

And also CS:source is undergoing a huge update right now, I am sure it can be seen as a CS:S 2.

InfectedDK3107d ago

Well make CS2 for the PS3.. I might buy it.. If it looks and plays good..

thematrix12983107d ago

no one plays CS on any's meant to be played only on PC

Montrealien3107d ago

It`s funny you should mention that Infected DK, CS:S still looks and plays great as is, and its over 5 years old. No game on the PS3 or any console for that matter can match the framrate and resolution I get out of CS:S right now, why would you want it on a console?

InfectedDK3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

And when speaking of that it is ofcourse with mouse/keyboard support like Unreal Tournament III..

Cross platform with PC would be awesome!

Make CS2 for PC, Xbox360 and PS3 with cross platform play!

Yes it is still fun to play.. After all the years.. Did i mention something else?

Oh wait don't know if mods would be a problem on the 360..??
Then just for the PS3 :D

Independent_Charles3107d ago

im still waiting on a shooter which has 360 vs ps3 gameplay. man the arguments woulld be insane!! nd ill lead the way lol.

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Mista T3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

orange box 2.
Half life 3, counter strike 2, maybe Portal 2? just a guess.

if this is the surprise than you've seen it here folks

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Kyrwolf3108d ago

new source engine is good though, advances the industry and better for gamers and games overall

Montrealien3107d ago

Considering the source engine can hold up to most current engines atm and it is well over 5 years old. I would be quite interested in Source 2, which, if they announce it in the next few weeks, should see it in maybe 13 years...

chase1673108d ago

lets hope it looks better than a ps2 game this time

Blacktric3108d ago

CS:S looks like a PS2 game? Wow.

John P3108d ago

your pc must be crap then. lol

SOAD3108d ago

It's funny because Valve can make games on PC that otherwise could not run on the PS3.

Half Life Episode 2 on Max Settings looks gorgeous and don't even get me started on the mods.

John P3108d ago

i approve of this SOAD.

Erotic Sheep3107d ago

Agreed.. Half-Life 2 with Fakefactory = drop dead gorgeous

MMOLife3108d ago

I thought we were past CS2 =/

Wall hack 2010 FTW?

thebudgetgamer3108d ago

all valve games are half life with small tweeks.

Pandamobile3108d ago

That's like saying every Unreal Engine 3 game is Gears of War with some "small tweaks"...

thebudgetgamer3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

gears of war and mirrors edge look and play nothing alike.

i hope it didnt come off as bashing valve because i respect what they have done for the industry and the games are fun.

its just when i played the l4d2 demo if felt like i was playing half life. although i do believe the unreal engine is way overused.

exsturminator013107d ago

At least in regards to portal and l4d, they both feel very much like half-life 2, not in regards to the game's themselves, but in the look and design of everything. There's nothing wrong with that, it's just Valve's style and the way they use the source engine. HUD's are similar, weapons fire similarly, character models are similar, sound files are reused.

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