Media Fails To Address The Final Fantasy Versus 13 Multiplatform Rumor

Though the underground blogs are talking about it, the people that really matter and that would know something for sure isn’t even bringing up what Square Enix spearhead Yochi Wada began about a month ago concerning the platforms that Final Fantasy Versus 13 would be on, saying that such an announcement were to be made when the game is formally announced, which may or may not be at E3 2010. Whatever it was, it gave us the assumption that a 360 version of the game was possible. It may have been a gaff, it may have been read too much into, or it may be a sign of another “shoulder tap” which so many people who would’ve cheered such an announcement a few years ago are hoping and praying that they don’t even hear a peep about it at a MS conference this year. Thing is, while GoFanboy and Playstrum have discussed this possibility, people like Adam Sessler, The Guardian, and has yet to even bring it up.

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PirateThom3108d ago

Probably because the media have bigger things to worry about like, oh, E3 than rumours.

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Greywulf3107d ago

PC & PS3.

PS3 owners don't have to pretend multiplatform = exclusive, then go through whatever math that has to be done when you just own a 360.

nikoado3107d ago

You're thinking of FF14, an online title for PS3, PC and perhaps at some stage the 360.

This is FF Vs 13. Part of the "Fabula Nova Crystallis compilation" which share a common theme but are completely different games. This includes FF 13, Vs 13 and Agito for Psp I think.

Vs 13 is slated for PS3 only at this time.

butbutbuttehcell3107d ago

You out of everyone would weep massively if it went to 360. If this turns out 2 be true we all know you'd be heartbroken

Nike3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Seriously, is it media bitching day or something? We got some people complaining about the Microsoft PR, and then Cliffy B criticizing flamebait journalists. Some people will do anything for hits, even it means dragging out an issue no one really gives a frak about (why isn't the media talking about this rumour?! wahh!).

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playstation_clan3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

they spoil the fun

EDIT: @D4RkNIKON-LOL yes, for halo reach you'll watch ps3 sales increase and 360s on ebay

D4RkNIKON3107d ago

Yep, lets start a rumor right now that Halo Reach will land on the PS3 and that LBP2 will also be multiplat. Then we wait..

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colonel1793108d ago

I think that announcing a game exclusive to one platform, then reiterating its exclusivity twice, to then announce it's going multiplatform, damages the integrity of the gaming industry more than braking an NDA.

These exclusivity deals, and timed exclusive, or announcing a multiplatform game just for one console to make people think it will be exclusive just to announce it later for the rest of the platforms, I think that is what damages the gaming industry.

and Bobby Kotick, and Wada of course

NumeroUno3108d ago

Regardless, Versus can't be worse than XIII.

PandaJenkins3107d ago

or if they try to appeal it to western audiences again.... some of those design choices were idiotic.

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