Videogamer: Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Preview

Videogamer writes: "As much as I hate to say "I told you so", and believe me, I really do…. I TOLD YOU SO! At the end of my last preview for Shattered Dimensions, I suggested that Spiderman 2099 might be one of the two licenses that Beenox had yet to reveal for their license-blending superhero jaunt. As luck would have it, it's now turned out that this is indeed the case. Fine, so I actually implied that 2099 was quite an unlikely choice, but this is still the closest I've ever come to being right about anything in an entire career of spurious journalistic predictions. When it comes to this kind of Nostradamus shtick, I'm usually as accurate as Michael "never gets it bleedin' right" Pachter; under the circumstances, I'll grab any victory I can get, however small."

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