PlayStation Store Global Update 06/08/10

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Derekvinyard132964d ago

•Voodoo Dice Trial demo? cmon wheres backbreaker

HQLocated1112964d ago

Still no backbreaker, wack. I guess Sony wants no one to buy that game

ftwrthtx2964d ago

I can't think about buying it until trying the demo, so the publisher needs to get on Sony.

BannedForNineYears2964d ago

Read reviews.
The game sucks.
Be glad there's no demo.

dktxx22964d ago

Games awesome, said by real gamers who experience for themselves rather then trust the words of some wannabe journalists.

ftwrthtx2964d ago

I'd rather play the demo and try it for myself.

princejb1342964d ago

ill buy joe danger this friday

Bathyj2964d ago

Give us Europeans (and by that I mean Aussies) Joe Danger.

I swear this game just came out of nowhere for me but it looks great, right up my alley. Who expected a AAA hit from a PSN download?

You have Manhunt 2 in the US? is it the censored version. I suspect it is.