Rock Band Bundle On Amazon - $200 has posted listings for the Rock Band Collection for both the PS3 and Xbox 360, and it comes to no surprise to anyone involved that the set isn't going to be cheap. $200 will snag you a copy of the game, the drum set, a microphone, and either a wireless guitar for the PS3 or a wired one for the Xbox 360, with a potential release date of November 20th, which we'll consider speculation until we hear something official. Breaking it down, with the game at $60, the mic at $30, drums at $80 and the guitar at $60, it works out to a savings of some $30 on the overall price, as well as a very sad bassist. Adding in another guitar brings the grand total to $260 or $280 if you opt for the 360's wireless version, keeping things pretty much in line with current speculation. Mind you the prices are still subject to change, and even now these could just be placeholders, but it certainly seems reasonable.

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sticky doja4161d ago

The whole $20 bucks more for a wireless 360 controller is BS. It was BS that they forced me to have a wire on GH2.

i Shank u4161d ago

MS charging devs and publishers to use their "propriety" wireless is bullsh!t, what a bunch of cunts man what a bunch of cunts

PS360PCROCKS4161d ago

I only have the ps2 version controller. poo

Siesser4161d ago

I agree; I've already paid in the past for the GH1 and GH2 bundles, and now those guitars will be useless :(. I'm thinking I'm just going to get Guitar Hero 3 with its guitar, since that's supposed to work in Rock Band. I'll get Rock Band with the drum set. And I'll get Singstar with its inevitably included microphone.

That should cover my bases (except for the bassist) while spreading the funds (but keeping the fun).

Wow, even I'm groaning at that one ...

The Real Joker4161d ago

with friends when you can just play the muffin game


aaquib24161d ago

$80 was fair for Guitar hero, but $200??? Are they out of their mind? They should sell it at about $100 then recoup some of the costs with expensive downloadable content($2 for a song in guitar hero!?). But $200 is freaking incredibly high! Hmmm...I can either buy HAZE, Unreal, Uncharted, and Warhawk this November, or Rock Band. Hmmm...Hmmm...

Meus Renaissance4161d ago

It is as expensive as it is because you get all the instruments with it presumably

e-ray4161d ago

Yeah, what he said ^^. If you have friends (a big prerequisite for some), just split the costs with them. That's what I'm doing.

With Guitar Hero's guitar being so expensive alone, I don't know what made you think it would be 100 dollars.

uxo224161d ago

I agree, although since the drums would be in addition to what you get with GH2 along with the mic. The prices between the two are actually pretty competitive. 200 - 110 for the Mic and Drums, leaves 90 bucks for the game and 1 guitar. So, I see your point in 200 bucks being a lot of money, however the price makes perfectly good sense to me.

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The story is too old to be commented.