Two New Metal Gear Solid Products Revealed Tonight

Could a 360 version of Metal Gear Solid 4 be considered a "new MGS product"? To find out, Brian Ashcraft of Kotaku will be making a day trip up to Tokyo for the Metal Gear Solid 20th Anniversary party.

What to expect? Metal Gear Solid 4 online getting its world debut, an on-stage MGS4 play through with series creator Hideo Kojima and two new MGS products being unveiled. There will be other things as well, like live music, a talk show and some cool videos of the Metal Gear history! It's at the Ritz Carlton, so look forward to people in fancy suits eating fancy foods.

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The General4162d ago (Edited 4162d ago )

The biased 360 Contributors/Fanboys all reported this story from and said it was lame and not news worthy.

But now they want to approve this one from the exact same site?

Read the Guidelines.

Posting Negative News
Even though negative news about a console can make the fans angry, it is still news and should be posted as any other story. Again as with all news stories the important thing is that what you report is newsworthy. That some no-name-blogger writes a story about how much he dislikes console X, that is not news. On the other hand, if a high profiled developer shares his negative opinion about a console on his personal blog it would be considered news and should therefore be posted.

And i know i'll lose bubbles but i want Dusty and Zerotolerance to take note of all the contributors who aren't following the guidelines.

kingofps34162d ago (Edited 4162d ago )

What the hell are you yapping about? Stay realevent to the story or Dusty and News Bot should take note of you for spamming.

LightofDarkness4162d ago

For god's sake, you're one of the worst offenders I've yet seen for blatant fanboyism and abuses of the system. I can cite multiple instances of you agitating and saying "PS3 fans, give other PS3 fans bubbles, support your fellow fans" or whatever it is along those lines. That is an ABUSE of the bubble system. You give people bubbles because they frequently have something interesting or relevant to say, if tehy're just going to litter every post with fanboy rhetoric like "LOLZ SONY DROIDS" or "WTF RROD LOLIPOPZ" then that person deserves to have only one bubble. You lose bubbles because you are very clearly just a more eloquent version of "PS3 RULZ." A 360 bias? Most of the news posted on this site is positive PS3 news. The only 360 news we seem to be getting these days is "whoops my console diesed agains" for the 50th time in a month. You want less bias? Stop contributing to it.

As for this news, exciting stuff. Can't wait to get my hands on MGS4, hopefully one of these new games will be something along the lines of Portable Ops.

VirusE4162d ago

What are you even talking about? Are you nasim or jin kazama with a new profile?

i Shank u4161d ago

i havent touched your bubbles, but dude the people above me are right, alot of your comments ive seen are fanboyish crap, and this comment on here is just plain off topic, so what are you crying about

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THC CELL4162d ago

God sake will People who Think X box will Get This Game Go away

The Dev of this game said ITS PS3 ONLY!!!!!!!!!!

i Shank u4161d ago

Metal Gear Solid 1 and 2 were made available on Gamecube, xbox, PC, gameboy. only Snake Eater stayed exclusive(PS2)
i know what Kojima and Konami have said, but its a fact only 1 game in the series has stayed exclusive, and its also a fact that people say 1 thing and do another later. we'll have to wait and see, I bet eventually MGS4 ends up on 360, probably long after i get a PS3 and play it lol
god bless impatience

LeonSKennedy4Life4161d ago

Maybe they are lying about it...

But do you think they'd be stupid enough to release a 12-disc special edition on the 360???

Omega Kaze4162d ago

I really hope that the xbox 360 gets the game, even if its a delayed exclusive. Alot of people specualte that the 360 would deminish the final project of mgs4 for the ps3 and would make it worse but Konami has already stated that the 360 can run mgs4 without trouble.

But im not one for wanting to argue with fanboys so I will say this, if metal gear end up exclusively for the ps3 then so be it. Because eventually i will buy a ps3, its inevitable, I just like playing games too much and little big planet is looking too good to pass up. Im just going to (hopefully) wait for another year at least!

VirusE4162d ago

Dude i am not sure why the sony fanboys are so crazy these days. You made valid point yet anyone with a ps3 has to hit disagree. I will be getting it for the ps3 but i also hope it "eventually" comes out for the 360 because its going to be a good game and everyone should get a chance to play it.

i Shank u4161d ago

i cant understand why people feel like they are on MS or Sony's "side" and feel like they are part of the business. well i can understand it, I used to do that crap when i was 7 and was a little jackass, but never on an anonymous web forum with strangers? seems pretty pointless, must be alot of kids and teens on N4G i guess

Lord Anubis4162d ago

i think the two metal gear titles for today are

MGP + for the PSP.
metal gear solid online for the PS3

boi4162d ago (Edited 4162d ago )

why do people kept bringing up rumors after rumors when the creator himself said it was ps3 exclusive! and if 360 does get it and thats properly a few months after the ps3 version is wont be mention until a few months into the ps3 version is out 1st! but then i doubt MGS4 be on 360...

anyways i wonder what the 2 new products be...

mayb your right its MGP+ for the psp and well MGS online

PS-Wii-604162d ago (Edited 4162d ago )

It's denial.
Plain and simple.
Too many people can't (and so, won't) accept that fact.

On the other hand, this is Kojima's grand opus. AND it's the finale to the long running series that will reveal all.
Viewed from that perspective, I think Kojima would want EVERYONE to experience it for themselves, regardless of what system they own.
I know Kojima has already stated MGS began on PS and should end on PS but, I still think MGS4 on the 360 is a foregone conclusion in the form of a timed exclusive.
But, that's just my opinion.

It doesn't really matter to me how this plays out, ima get it anyway!

Art of Motion4162d ago

woop hahahahaha

This Is Waiting