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Submitted by KingJFS 3052d ago | article

Wii has most confirmed exclusives in development

Gaming Target has updated their Excluisve Arms Race feature detailing all of the exclusive games coming to the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii. And for the first time since the site began tracking exclusives, the Wii has come out on top.

The current totals stand with the Wii at 113 (23 released/90 unreleased), the Xbox 360 at 96 (47/49) and the PS3 at 47 (8/39). (PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

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PS360WII  +   3052d ago
I think that graph will only get a bigger difference. The PS3 and 360 cater towards the same group and they do usually get the same games for the most part. If not right away they'll get them both over time. Most games for the Wii couldn't be brough over to the PS3 or 360 due to the control method and it would have to use a new engine supporting HD and all that. So I think we are going to see a lot of multi games and then Wii games. Sony and MS will only have thier own devs making the exclusives and have to pay out for 3rd party exclusives.

This is all in the short term run. Maybe 2-3 years down we'll start getting all them exclusives back again, but right now each is fighting for a nice instal base.
Maddens Raiders  +   3052d ago
I wonder how the exclusivity of -
HOME, LBP, Singstar, and the God of War trilogy's last installment will impact the PS3? (I know they didn't want to include downloadable content, but these are big, except for GOW3 ~ this game will be mighty mighty sick). =]

Anyway good showing from all involved imo.

============================= =============================

Bring my bubbles back guys. We've got some booty hurt fangirls waiting in the lurch to drop IED's on peoples bubbles. Let's go!
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SWORDF1SH  +   3052d ago
wii has the most coz wii games dont take years to make like the 360 and ps3 games.
GodofPeace  +   3052d ago
just confirmed
These are just confirmed exclusives. we'll see more from all sides of the competition. However yes the Wii is very easy to develop for because people just creates mini-games
ChickeyCantor  +   3052d ago
So easy development equals mini-games?
The Wii is just more simple then the other two, and its no wonder its almost using the same GCN structure, and lots of devs are already known with it.

If the PS3 and xbox360 get something( like a tool) that makes game development easier doesnt mean there is only going to be mini games.

you talk like if there are only mini games.
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GodofPeace  +   3052d ago
You can't tell me with a straight face that the majority of the games coming out of for the Wii are collection of mini-games,party games and non=games like Wii Fit
ChickeyCantor  +   3052d ago
"Satoru Iwata thinks this could push the Wii to even greater sales heights than the PS2.(currently sitting at 120 million sold worldwide and counting). If that happens, expect to see more exclusives that will appeal to a segment of gamer (the so-called “hardcore gamer”) that might currently feel neglected by the Wii."

Not sure about the 120 but i agree about the games.
There will be games for everyone.
PS360WII  +   3052d ago
An artical I read was talking about publishers. A developer will come to them with a PS3 or 360 idea and them not wanting to spend 15-20 million on it say come back with 5 or 6 Wii games and we'll talk. Cheaper to develop for faster too and it's not all mini games as well.
ChickeyCantor  +   3052d ago
Yes i remember that, they are willing to make more games for the Wii then spend millions on 1 PS3-360 games.
although it came from one dev though XD.
GodofPeace  +   3052d ago
Publishers give the money to developers.
ItsDubC  +   3052d ago
Because of the additional cost of developing PS3/360 games, devs supposedly need to sell 300,000 copies of a Wii game to break even vs 600,000 copies for a PS3/360 game.
THE_JUDGE  +   3052d ago
Yea who cares if you have the most exclusives if
they are kiddie games like Elebits or Bioncles? After two or so years with PS3 installed in homes we will see this list become more even. The 360 is about where it should be.

I'm talking about gameplay and graphics not just what the game is about and shows. There is nothing on the Wii that can't be done better and look a thousand times better on PS3 or X360. Time will change the charts. As for the LBP, I'm not as geeked about that as others seem to be. I don't want to design things myself, thats why I buy games that have levels designed for me. I willing to try it though.
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ChickeyCantor  +   3052d ago
yeah you are right!!
we need blood and gun battles and more gore to make us look cooler and more mature!!
im so with you man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[end sarcams]

Ps3 is getting LBP that game looks soo childish yet you think its cool don't you?
( i cant w8 for LBP so im not hating.)

define kiddy gameplay?
Games are games and its a personal preference what people will like or disslike.
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Gil  +   3052d ago
The Wii list would actually be much smaller if they only included games. I mean, c'mon, "Bob Ross: The Joy of Paininting"
WTF is that!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????? ??
I seriously doubt the execs over at MS and Sony are sitting around saying, "Damn, I wish we'd gotten that Hannah Montana game!".
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SwiderMan  +   3052d ago
The Joy of Replying
hey, Bob Ross was the man. He counts. Afterall, he taught us to paint happy little bushes. Don't tell anyone, though.
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ItsDubC  +   3052d ago
I never have nor probably ever will play a Hannah Montana game, but do you even know if those games sell well or not? I assume you're trying to infer that Sony and MS aren't in it for the money as much as Nintendo.
Gil  +   3052d ago
@ ItsDubc
"I assume you're trying to infer that Sony and MS aren't in it for the money as much as Nintendo."
Your assumption would be incorrect. I am implying that the Hannah Montana game will be garbage, as well as a number of the other Nintendo exclusives and that the list should only include games. I thought my post was pretty clear, I'm sorry it confused you.
ItsDubC  +   3052d ago
Whether a game is garbage is totally relative. You and I will probably feel that the game is garbage, but many of those to whom the game is marketed at won't. Forgive me for assuming that you'd be able to realize something that obvious.
Gil  +   3052d ago
@ ItsDubc
I will type slowly so that you can keep up. My point is that the game will not sell well, especially when compared to the exclusives that MS and Sony have.
I used sarcasm to illustrate that point and it should have been obvious. I will work on my MS Paint skills so that next time I can draw you a picture.
KingJFS  +   3052d ago
Hannah Montana is apparently the shizz
GameSpot gave it a glowing review in their E3 coverage.

A good game based on a "kids" license, I know, I'm shocked too.
ItsDubC  +   3052d ago
lol yes, use MS Paint to create a picture to the effect of "When Gil says something, he actually means something totally different."
cityofgod  +   3052d ago
dude dont disrespect the dead, ross man was brilliant with the brush, but agreed most wii games dont cater to the hardcore gamer
Kyur4ThePain  +   3052d ago
Yeah, "hardcore gamers"
Here's your hardcore Wii game.
SilvaSurfa  +   3052d ago
But I don't know. The whole Wii appeal still seems very skiddish to me. Big question of wether or not this motion thing will propel it into true domination of the current gen of gaming.
blackmagic  +   3052d ago
Good for Nintendo! They deserve some time at the top after the last couple of generations and even though the console doesn't interest me in the slightest, I can still respect it for what it is and welcome the new gamers being introduced to the industry by it.
TheMART  +   3052d ago
Ofcourse the Wii has the most exclusives.

The WiiMote will get specific games for it. Gamedevelopers see the growing number of Wii sold.


I dare to challenge some Wii/Nintendo fanboys to defend of what quality most games ARE and many games will be.

Because besides Zelda, RE4 remake and Wii sports, there isn't much at this time. And the upcoming games best ones are Mario and Metroid Prime 3. But besides that.... I can name many, many 360 top quality exclusives, and even (you all know I don't like the PS3, but even that one) better and more quality exclusives for the PS3 then the Wii has/will have.

Thus, like many times:

Quantity doesn't always equal Quality
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ItsDubC  +   3052d ago
In order to get answers to your question, you should probably define "quality" and how one can judge the quality of a game that's not even out yet. As we all know, hype and screenshots don't necessarily equate to quality.
popup  +   3051d ago
But how many of the 360 games can you share your 'non-gaming' friends without them thinking you are sad?
machine  +   3051d ago
I agree, but "Quantity doesn't always equal Quality", goes for all systems, not just the wii. Just as the wii will have its own games built upon its own control methods, PS3 & the 360 will also have its flow of crap filler games. these types of games make up much of many consoles resumes. Time will tell who will end up with the most quality games that will be exclusive.
but in the end, i think that the wii will most often have the most exclusive games because its exclusive games will be non replicateable on any other console because of its motion hardware, where as the PS3 & the 360 are in a race with each other and both went the same direction -the traditional controller and best graphics route. games for these platforms will be near interchangeable- with the exception of the PS3 motion games.
time will tell.
ben hates you  +   3052d ago
double post
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ben hates you  +   3052d ago
if we talk on the quality of these exclusives
thats a whole other story
Retro-Virus  +   3052d ago
Is Wii having anything remotely similar to MGS-4, HALO-3, Mass Effect, FFXIII, Killzone-2 ??

All the exclusives cater to 8 yr olds or 40+

No thanks, Iam fine with my 360 & PS-3.
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BubblesDAVERAGE  +   3052d ago
No matter how many times they rehash mario , kirby , zelda and the rest. They arent making quality games yet ps3 and 360 got more games I wanna play then the wii..Personally I HEAD THE WII SUCKS GROUP...

CrazzyMan  +   3052d ago
it doesn`t matter how MANY exclusive games system have.

p.s. anyone to help return my 4th bubble back? thnx. =)

thnx. =) now we can go for 5th one. =))
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Gil  +   3052d ago
a bubble for you and a bubble for BubblesDAVERAGE
TheMART  +   3052d ago

childish stuff. Anyone asking for bubbles deserves to have bubbles taken away from them
Lightning Mr Bubbles  +   3052d ago
A good portion of XBOX 360's exclusives are already released
When you look at future exclusives, the gap between PS3 and XBOX 360 isn't that much. When you look at the quality, I think the PS3 has more.

As far as the Wii, they can have 1 million exclusives, it still doesn't matter because it's not a replacment for next gen.
power of Green  +   3052d ago
I agree with the Wii reasoning but not with the PS3 on par with 360 i can dig up almost 20 known 360 exclusives that are not on that list.
Anything but Cute  +   3052d ago
Power of green?
That says it all.
DiLeCtioN  +   3052d ago
ITS QUALITY NOT QUANTITY. After i finished Twilight Princess i felt so bored man,seriously. When i put on the Wii my only reason is to get quick access to the web and check out N4G....if they dont bring good games and get more serious i think ill sell it(doubt my sis will agree)
Boon Tarkas  +   3052d ago
How many of those games will 'suck' exclusively though?
A lot would be my guess.
PS360PCROCKS  +   3052d ago
damn the Wii? I thought they mostly 3rd party and the PS3 only has half of the other two systems at 47? Weird...
PS360PCROCKS  +   3052d ago
someone disagreed because I stated what the article said? lol wow you are a bunch of dumbasses
power of Green  +   3052d ago
Wii better be ahead with its large fanbase, simple and slightly more advanced than XBL arcade games titles(I own a robot- XBL game made with the Unreal engine thats too advanced for the Wii). Personaly PS3 and the 360 are all that matters. To me caring about the Wii is like being intrested in the Hand-Held market, just my opinion.
icechai  +   3052d ago
wii arcade
seems like since there is no wii HD d/l for arcade games, many of these exclusives are just glorified $10 value arcade games... i mean, c'mon, how deep a game is Jenga going to be?

and of course Wii will get more and more games than other consoles, it takes very little money to produce a game in a short amount of time that will be bought by millions of mainstream gamers... as long as they package it with some cute designs and the game includes multiplayer modes with the wii remote.
Balance  +   3052d ago
yeah the wii will have more exclusives because they have mario xxxx. now lets see a chart of original exclusives or at least exclusives with less than 5 previous versions... i am sure nintendo is working on Mario eats dinner, mario vacuums the floor and mario take a dump (oh and the new original titles of wario gets breakfast, wario cleans the toiliet and the new ip, super dry eraser board wario, the sequal to the 100 paper mario games.. yeah it is easy and cheap to develop games with graphics from 2001 and a main character and story line from 1987.
kamisama  +   3052d ago
They might have more exclusives but are they really games that you would want to play
The Swordsman  +   3052d ago
I am not at all surprised by this for two reasons. Firstly, games for the Wii are cheaper and easier to make. Secondly, and also the reason why they are easier and cheaper to make, because the Wii is far weaker than the PS3 and Xbox 360. Porting a game from the PS3 or the Xbox 360 to the Wii would be nigh impossible, while Wii games ported to either of those two consoles wouldn't look that good. So, when a major game or sequel is being made for a multi-platform, it may only be made on the PS3 and/or the Xbox 360. The Wii, on the other, would get a spin-off or such. For example, where as the PS3 and the Xbox 360 got Sonic the Hedgehog, the Wii got Sonic and the Secret Rings. While the PS3 and the Xbox 360 will get fighting game Soul Calibur 4, the Wii will get action adventure spin-off Soul Calibur Legends. And finally, while PS3 and Xbox 360 will get Resident Evil 5, the Wii will get Resident Evil Chronicles.
ItsDubC  +   3052d ago
I don't know if "spin-off" is the correct term, as its connotation implies something that is secondary in quality or an afterthought. I think "different" is more accurate.

Sonic and the Secret Rings is completely different from Sonic the Hedgehog for the PS3/360 aside from the Sonic branding, and reviews indicate that it is also the superior Sonic game. The 360/PS3 will get Soul Calibur 4 and the Wii will get Soul Calibur Legends, but Legends isn't a spin-off of SC4. It's merely a spin-off of the series. Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles encompasses the storyline of all currently-released Resident Evils while RE5 continues that storyline, so UC is not a spin-off of RE5. It's just different.
Bloodmask  +   3052d ago
I don't know why
everyone bashes Wii. It is more powerful than a PS2. And everyone seemed to love that console.

Wii will have its hardcore games as well. The new Mario looks great as well as other exclusives.

People keep saying give PS3 time to show it's potential. Why doesn't the same apply to Wii?

I think some people are just bitter.
Illidan  +   3051d ago
I completely agree with you. Some people keep thinking that when Sony starts releasing great games in future Nintendo will stop releasing games. As with all other consoles more time a developer has with developer tools better games will come out for it.
sumfood4u  +   3052d ago
It's better to have a confirmed than as TBA= To Be Announced right?
sandip787  +   3052d ago
i agree with the mart - quantity does NOT equal quality
junk56  +   3052d ago
who wasnt expecting this. developers need a side studio to make games for the wii because none of the game devs even take it seriously. Notice how all the GOOD games are on the PS3 and 360 and all those side ones are on the wii.

50 bucks for cooking mama? wtf seriously
Al  +   3052d ago
man, that was pretty funny.
bootsielon  +   3051d ago
Why does this list get so much attention after being so flawed?
They are counting many Xbox 360 as exclusives that are only timed: Culdcept Saga, Eternal Sonata, and Ace Combat. Many games shouldn't be included as 360 exclusives since they'll appear on PC (and even MAC). Rather, they should be counted as "Not on PS3 nor 360". Keep reading below and you'll understand why I say this.

The site is also counting too many NON-GAME applications for the Wii. There will also be many non-gaming apps for 360 and / or PS3 that are not being counted. And guess what? You don't need to buy them separately. But I guess they don't count, since they're "free", unlike the Wii where everything is an add-on. ($$ Good business, Nintendo $$)

The list is Wii60 biased, as it is not even informed about the tons of exclusives that were just announced at PlayStation Premiere Event in Japan. The amount of exclusives announced was sick. Where are these titles: Dynasty Warriors 6? Nobi nobi boy? Megazone 23? Sound Novel (Imabi Kisou)? Tears to tiara? Disgaea 3? Valkyrie of the battlefield? This is a total of 7 games.

I also love how "FFXIII" is a proven franchise, but FF Versus XIII is not which is odd, since Soul Calibur Legends for the Wii is being considered a PROVEN franchise, even though its gameplay is completely unrelated to its intellectual property; in fact, pretty much every unreleased "proven" franchise on the Wii should be labeled as unproven, since they will most definitely differ in everything from their IP they stem from.

Another thing I love is how proven franchise means only "High metascore", but not "high sales". The Getaway and Killzone are proven in that sense. Time Crisis is also a proven franchise with critical success in the arcades and playstation consoles. Okami was "proven" and it sold so little, yet critically underrated titles like "The Getaway" which sold millions twice.

More flaws: Why is "SOCOM 5" the title of SOCOM confrontation? And why is Sly Cooper 4 on that list when it's not being made? Again, how is Singstar NOT proven when it has sold millions of PS2 consoles around Europe, and millions of games?

The metrics are wrong too. It's worthless to have so many exclusives if most of your gaming library is either non-games for old people or to get some work out or to learn to properly speak english; it's also worthless to have many exclusives if most of them catter to FPS and PC game fans. I know I sound horribly biased, but being honest now, a good metric would be to compare which has the most games on which genre?

There should also be a mention for number of "promising titles", and ones that "delivered", either with sales OR metascore (or both).

Furthermore, Zelda and Ninja Gaiden should appear on those lists. After all, Wii rode the Zelda hype train, and Ninja Gaiden well... it's something I guess. Or well... let's say, make another list that measures "next-gen PROVEN ports of last-gen", for whatever it's worth. On that list, Bully for 360 and Wii should be included, or rather, not included on PS3 (read the following paragraph and you'll understand). Tomb Raider, King Kong, GRAW, Hitman, Oblivion... many games were "next-gen" exclusive (some timed); that's the advantage 360 had, and it should be noted on another list.

There should also be lists for titles that will appear everywhere else EXCEPT on a particular platform. THat would be a list to highlight the NEGATIVES of owning a particular platform. For example, Wii won't get Stranglehold, GTA4, next-gen mortal kombat, Crysis, Orange box, black site, darkness, condemned, fracture.... and so on. You know, Wii won't get ANYTHING related with Unreal Engine 3;then again, that might not be bad with all the bad press it gets lately, however, Wii won't get anything next-gen technology related; and so, if non-gaming apps can be added as exclusives, then you can be damned sure that Wii won't have Video on Demand and other multimedia uses. To throw the Wii a bone though, PS3 won't get Katamari Damacy, and 360 won't get japanese support when 2009 comes and all the heavy PS3 hitters kill 360 on the land of the sun (you have to admit that will happen in japan; I know it sounds hateful, but I'm just being honest here... hopefully it'll do better than the first Xbox).

There should also be a metric for quality of everything. 360 would beat PS3 in quality of ports, but PS3 would beat it on quality of hardware. Wii would win on price. PS3 would beat 'em on value. 360 would win on flexibility. And so on.

They're not even mentioning the quality of downloadable titles in each console. Wii games are not even remakes, they are games you already bought. We know nothing about WiiWare. Most 360 titles are remakes, or are so small they don't really take advantage of the machine (excluding Geometry Wars, Outpost Kaloki X and the one with the platformer guy I forgot; those three are pretty cool). Where is the consideration for, not only amount of downloadable titles (where Wii wins hands down), remakes (where Xbox 360 wins), and original quality content taylored specifically for the system (PS3 wins)? I'd like to see what can be pitted against PAIN, everyday shooter, Toy HOme, elefunk, pixel junk racers, flow, rub-a-dub, lemmings, super stardust HD, nucleus, blast factor's sequel... (yeah, many shooters on 360 and PS3; I think PS3 wins on this one, unless you're all about simplicity, where Geometry Wars might win).

How about odds of rumoured games coming out? You know, God of War 3, which is included on a list where it shouldn't since it hasn't been officially announced, even though it is extremely likely. Same with God of War 3. What about ICO's projects. What about Killer Instinct for 360. What about NIBRIS' projects. What about Sony and NCSoft's announcement. What about a Golden Eye remake on 360. What about a lot of things...

Seriously, gamers and fanboys, you have to admit the list fails to consider too many factors. A more exhaustive analysis is needed, not a shallow one like the one we're looking at.
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