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Why Super Mario Galaxy 2 would be better on 360

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is, by all accounts, an absolute classic, generally being to ten out of tens what cake is to fat kids. There’s only one problem. It’s on the Wii.

Still, we can but dream, and offer some reasons as to why this near-flawless gem would be even better on our beloved machine… (Culture, Wii, Xbox 360)

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Jakewilliams19   1912d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(8)
SpoonyRedMage  +   1912d ago
This is just...sad.
eagle21  +   1912d ago
Just when you think you have seen it all this gen..
I'm sorry, 360 seriously needs some damn exclusive games (that are actually classic). This is plain pathetic. :)
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Aphe  +   1912d ago
This article has the distinct smell of 'Exclusive Envy'. A condition very common amongst 360 owners.

I'm only joking. This is a terrible idea though, and it will never happen, so what's the point?

Besides, if I wanted to play Mario in true HD I'd use dolphin on my pc. As it is it's a great looking game anyway so I won't bother.
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pedrami91  +   1912d ago
............What kind of shi*** article is this ?
PS3owns360_  +   1912d ago
Nah would be even better on Ps3, then it could have even better graphics, and
PS Move.
dirthurts  +   1912d ago
This I agree with
The system doesn't make the game, it holds it back.
Mario needs to breath.
Fireseed  +   1912d ago
Yeah I would love to see the different worlds in HD but the reason I think it would work so well is cause the Wiimote is wedged into the game. I would've liked to play the entire first and second one with the classic controller but sadly it just collected dust :*(. This is not to say it couldn't work as well on the PS3, just as long as its in HD and got maybe a 8xCSAA
eagle21  +   1912d ago
You are going crazy too. E3 please hurry up! :)
danielle007  +   1912d ago
Mario doesn't need good graphics, plus PS3 already has LBP, and Sackboy. Give him a princess, and steal it, and there you go. You have Mario, and maybe in LBP2 you can do up spherical platforming, you never know. It looks pretty powerful.

Super excited, pre-ordered LBP2 day one. <3 But, anyways, besides the point. PS3 already has a Mario, so let Nintendo keep theirs, especially since they do whimsical things the best.
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Titanz  +   1912d ago
dizzleK  +   1912d ago
is it just me or does it seem like 360 sites spend more time writing about other systems games than 360 games? i don't see articles like this on nintendo or sony sites.
Scrooge McDuck  +   1912d ago
yep its called jealousy 360 sites always say this on that if they want it so bad they should just buy the system.
Horrordirector23   1912d ago | Spam
saint_john_paul_ii  +   1912d ago
its called "360 has no game" syndrome...
candystop  +   1912d ago
Well if 360 has way more games then PS3 I guess that means PS3 really has no games. :P
ckbarnett  +   1912d ago
Its perfectly fine on the wii
dirthurts  +   1912d ago
But better graphics are nice
You have to agree there.
ckbarnett  +   1912d ago
yea your right but its mario he belongs on a nintendo console
Samus HD  +   1909d ago
dirthurts But better graphics are nice
better graphic are nice /., but the gameplay is most important . i explain it to you:
i have a wii and an xbox.
for me all xbox (ps3)games are like the same with ps2 except the graphic they get bored quick .
But the Wii has unique Games (games that ps3 ,360 don't have) i mean another experienc
thats way this game is better on Wii
Better gameplay (wii) above all
spooky205  +   1912d ago
i disagree a bit.
i thought SMG1 played great but a few hours in i noticed that waggle sucks. I could have enjoyed that title much more if nintendo would have offered a support feature with the classic controller. But then again that would probably defeat the purpose of the console. I mean i get the same effect waggling something than pushing a button. I still havent picked up SMG2. I just hope the controls are revised. I hate waggle.
Tilian  +   1912d ago
E3 season brings out the stupid in gaming media.
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Shnazzyone  +   1912d ago
mcgrawgamer  +   1912d ago
alan wake on ps3, galaxy on 360, little big planet belongs on the wii?

Who comes up with this crap??? Either get all 3 consoles or live with the fact that you can't play all games every generation all the freaking time.
GenoZStriker  +   1912d ago
So gaming editors are allowed to troll but N4G members aren't? >('o')<
DlocDaBudSmoka  +   1912d ago
SMG2 on 360? what were these ppl smoking and can u pass that shit my way.
Silver360  +   1912d ago
Once again
Nintendo owns Mario and can do what the heck they want with him. And what they want to do is keep him on a Nintendo system so article is pointless, and somehow disrespectful.
SilverSlug  +   1912d ago
Would have sold
AS much as Banjo.


Move on.
Tazz1992  +   1912d ago
It Belongs on the Wii even as much as i hate Mario it wouldn't be the same on another console
plus on the ps3 we have games similar to Mario which would be little big planet and we have a Mario kart which is Modnation Racers.
as for the 360 idk but would assume they would get something like it eventually and maybe also work with natal.
Mario18  +   1912d ago
If Mario had an assault rifle and plasma grenades fighting aliens it still wouldn't be good on the 360.

Nintendo = Mario

Mario and Halo can never get along

Related video
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seij555  +   1912d ago
SMG2 would be better on PS3.
1. We have Move
2. We have the audience for it (360's shooter culture doesn't)
3. It would look better on PS3.
Michael-Jackson  +   1912d ago
I agree with you 99%, that 1% is out because the best selling PS3 game is Modern Warfare 2 :(...
Brklynty1  +   1912d ago
Mario is perfect on the wii. 360 would probaly abuse the firball power since its like the only that can shoot
eARThRiot  +   1912d ago
Dawn_Of_Ashes  +   1912d ago
obviously this article is made by a 360 fanboy...
dirthurts  +   1912d ago
Just wait
When Nintendo pushes out a HD system and we get a mario in HD everyone will be like !! WOW !! This is how it should have been the whole time!
And that's exactly what the article is talking about.
Better is better. Why argue with that?
Sure, VHS is good enough...it gets the job done. But why us VHS when you can have Blu Ray?
Henry Cain  +   1912d ago
The game sales would horrible
Jdash24  +   1912d ago
No, just no...
Socomer 1979  +   1912d ago
Ive never experienced that kind of Envy with a Playstation.
XBOX gamers have been treated like crackheads that smoke pieces of chalk since the original xbox. They gets no respect.
danielle007  +   1912d ago
PS3 has the same exact amount of releases that the 360 has had lately. RDR, and then Modnation and Alan Wake.. and split/second and blur I spose. and UFC. I have no idea where no game syndrome has come from.

Just because some loser feels the need to make a stupid article doesn't mean that PS3 fanboys should come up with some false syndrome. I mean, Naughty Bear looks adorable, and Crackdown is out in early July.. and I'm dying in anticipation of flippin Dead Rising 2, sure multi-plat, but I'm getting that for my 360 fershizzleee. Plus, Lego Harry Potter... I'm excitedd.

I have 0 envy for any game, since I have all 3 systems. It's nice. But, I don't like when people are mean to one of my systems because there's some tool writing bad articles. Hate him, but don't overgeneralize, because .. there's obv a bajillion games out for all the systems at this point.
kingjoker34  +   1912d ago
to be honest, i don't not agree.
Mario Galaxy is what it is because of the motion controls,
if it should be on anything else it should be on ps3 with HD graphics and PS move.
But again its Mario, why are we even discussing it being on another console.
Optical_Matrix  +   1912d ago
U mad?
eagle21  +   1912d ago
OMG. Please hurry up E3, the news or should I say "da newz" is janky as hell. :)
Troll-without-Bridge  +   1912d ago
What is wrong with these people?
JJFNIGHTS80  +   1912d ago
I say HELL NO it won't be good on Xbox 360.
bjornbear  +   1912d ago
im sick of seeing "why game x should be on console y"

and no, Mario Galaxy 2 SHOULDN'T be on 360, thats the most retarded thing i've heard all week.
OutgoingSquall  +   1912d ago
it should come to the ps3 if anything its more powerful then the 360 graphics number crunching putting massive amount of units on screen 360 cant do it as well.
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