Why Super Mario Galaxy 2 would be better on 360

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is, by all accounts, an absolute classic, generally being to ten out of tens what cake is to fat kids. There’s only one problem. It’s on the Wii.

Still, we can but dream, and offer some reasons as to why this near-flawless gem would be even better on our beloved machine…

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Jakewilliams192910d ago ShowReplies(8)
eagle212910d ago (Edited 2910d ago )

I'm sorry, 360 seriously needs some damn exclusive games (that are actually classic). This is plain pathetic. :)

Aphe2910d ago (Edited 2910d ago )

This article has the distinct smell of 'Exclusive Envy'. A condition very common amongst 360 owners.

I'm only joking. This is a terrible idea though, and it will never happen, so what's the point?

Besides, if I wanted to play Mario in true HD I'd use dolphin on my pc. As it is it's a great looking game anyway so I won't bother.

pedrami912910d ago

............What kind of shi*** article is this ?

PS3owns360_2910d ago

Nah would be even better on Ps3, then it could have even better graphics, and
PS Move.

dirthurts2910d ago

The system doesn't make the game, it holds it back.
Mario needs to breath.

Fireseed2910d ago

Yeah I would love to see the different worlds in HD but the reason I think it would work so well is cause the Wiimote is wedged into the game. I would've liked to play the entire first and second one with the classic controller but sadly it just collected dust :*(. This is not to say it couldn't work as well on the PS3, just as long as its in HD and got maybe a 8xCSAA

eagle212910d ago

You are going crazy too. E3 please hurry up! :)

danielle0072910d ago (Edited 2910d ago )

Mario doesn't need good graphics, plus PS3 already has LBP, and Sackboy. Give him a princess, and steal it, and there you go. You have Mario, and maybe in LBP2 you can do up spherical platforming, you never know. It looks pretty powerful.

Super excited, pre-ordered LBP2 day one. <3 But, anyways, besides the point. PS3 already has a Mario, so let Nintendo keep theirs, especially since they do whimsical things the best.