MGS4 Pics from the Playstation Premier Demo

The article is in Spanish but the screens speak for themselves. Check out the screens for yourself

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gaffyh4167d ago

dont worry, more stuff should be unveiled tomorrow at the MGS 20th anniversary

Maldread4166d ago

Hehe you`re not the only one ;)

TheXgamerLive4166d ago

An actual demo should be demanded after 3 yrs., let's hope this is it.

If this is and it also has a complete online multiplayer then this will be the first true sony shooter to come out that's deserving of a next gen. status. IMO. Sony/ps3 game of the year.

Depressed Mode4167d ago (Edited 4167d ago )

I really hope this game is great. MGS for the PSOne was amazing, MGS2 for the PS2 left a bad taste in my mouth. I never played MGS3, however I heard it was good, but never played it. Even so, this one is looking really good.

@2.1 For me it was the story. I thought it was terrible. I had to force myself to finish the game because of it.

hazeblaze4167d ago

MGS 2 was better than the first one... not sure why some people didn't like it???

timmyp534167d ago

MGS 2 was a dissapointment in the story department and gameplay was just like the 1st. Now MGS3 it was a breakthrough for the series... it really was everything MGS2 tried to do.. it revolutionized the stealth genre and the franchise. Seriously MGS3 was an awesome game man u should check it out.

Retro-Virus4167d ago (Edited 4167d ago )

In terms of sheer story telling genius, nothing comes close to MGS-2. Period.

And this was done with not even being able to play with Solid Snake for almost 90% of the game. Hats off Kojima.

MGS-2 was the best, MGS-1 was a classic, MGS-3 was um..I dunno, I've never found Naked Snake interesting so din't really like the story. But the gameplay was the best in MGS-3 esp with the Jungle feel deep in Russia.

timmyp534167d ago

MGS3 was the best gameplay wise and the story was kick ass... i almost cried when i was forced to shoot Big Boss in the end. =*(

Kleptic4166d ago

MGS1 is still my favorite...mostly because there was nothing like it...MGS2 was great...But Raiden pissed me off...I know that is the MGS fanboy cop-out...but if Snake was the coolest guy alive...Raiden could barely be considered a human...and when ever it switched I was heard for miles yelling (wtf?! where is Otacon...I need to SAVE!!!)...not that it changed the gameplay or anything...I enjoyed it overall...but MGS2 is 3rd in my book for the "big 3"...MGS3 was a great change...I loved being outdoors that much and everything...and the lack of radar and stuff changed everything...

MGS4 already looks to dethrone the 1st one for me...I can't wait to kill Vamp, even if you play as Raiden at that point (whom already looks infinitely better than his n0ob status in MGS2)...and the mini-metal gear-cattle things look totally awesome...

Maldread4166d ago

I`ll have to say i still think MGS1 was the best of them, the boss battles (Psycho Mantis, and the helicopter one vs Liquid especially) was great, the story had so many fun and unexpected turns and the gameplay is unparalleled for me.

MGS2, was great, but a disappointment for me, event though i would rate the game high, because it improves on some gameplay elements from MGS1, and the tanker sections great. Raiden and the platform story wasn`t as interesting for me, and i think it would have been a better game if you could play trough the platformsection as Snake (they would have had to altered where you went and did, playing as him though), because i feel he`s one of the reasons why you played the game.

MGS3 came very close to MGS1 for me, a bit slow in the beginning, but it did take off when it got started big time. The CQC was great, a fun and emotional story, and some good boss battles too. Perhaps my best PS2 game of all time, and that says a lot. Anyone who hasn`t played it, should pick it up.

As for MGS4, i`ll probably buy a PS3 to play it. Need to see how it all will end. Can`t say the trailers have been so mindblowing for MGS4, but MGS2 had better trailers than MGS3 had (guess my expectations played a part here too), and MGS3 became a better game, so it just a wait and see for me on MGS4.

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AznSniper4167d ago

I'm hoping the gameplay demo will leak out for tomorrow's MGS anniversary event.

Frulond4167d ago

looks amazing! ME WANTS!!!!!!!!!!

Odion4167d ago

does look really great

P.S. one word describes why MGS2 sucked, sans-solid-snake

Kleptic4166d ago

that is three words dude...

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