New Two-Tone DS For The US

The black DS Lite is nice. A red one would be nicer. Taking this math and then taking the answer to the extreme, Nintendo of America will soon be releasing this snappy two-tone DS Lite into the US market (the handheld was briefly shown off at E3, but these are the first proper shots).

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PS360WII4110d ago

hey that's pretty slick looking. Might have to pick that one up with the psp slim

Wolverick4110d ago

Yeah i think so too. I thought the all black one looked good but wow, this is even better.

MACHone4110d ago

I'm happy with my classic white one. I wish Nintendo would pump out some more DECENT DS games a little faster -- I haven't touched it in ages. I'm looking forward to playing Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword, Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, and Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations, but they're all still a ways off.

ItsDubC4110d ago

I got my DS fairly late in the game so I've been playing a lot of older titles as well as newer ones. My new ones include SimCity and Brothers in Arms, but lately I've been REALLY addicted to Advance Wars.

thezuur4107d ago

these make great gifts and the more colors the freakin better... people/gamers/kids feel special with their own color.

i wonder if i could transplant a top screen and totally mix lids....

like white base + cherry red lid?
babyblue base + white lid
black base + white lid
white base + black lid *sweet
navy base + babyblue lid....

this could go on and on...