Famitsu Monthly “May” Charts – Dragon Quest Comes Out on Top

Famitsu revealed today the sales chart for the Month of May in Japan; there are no surprises as to what games comes out on top.

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N4GAddict2689d ago

DQ on top. What else is new?

Rock Bottom2689d ago

MGS:PW opened ahead of SMG2?!!

ShadyDevil2689d ago

Thats cool, Not a big Dragon Quest fan myself but I was curious how Lost Planet 2 was doing.

N4GAddict2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

What do the numbers by the game represent?

xiren1872689d ago

The number on the parenthesis represents the total number of sales. The one beside it are the sales for the month of May

N4GAddict2689d ago

Oh I see. Thanks for clearing it up.

xiren1872689d ago

I'm surprised how Lost Planet 2 is on the top list despite of it mediocracy.

FinalomegaS2689d ago

japanese version probably had a toon skin of a asian school girl outfit :P