E3 2010 Preview: Bethesda

Gaming Union writes, "E3 is fast approaching! Those of us lucky enough to attend are starting to feel the weight of this beast of a games expo coming down on us, or maybe that's just me. Gaming Union's publisher preview series started off with a little Japanese company you may have heard of, Capcom. Next on the list is Bethesda Softworks, probably best known for the Elder Scrolls RPG series and more recently Fallout 3. Bethesda has revealed their lineup for the show floor, but what surprises will be in store behind closed doors, and at the major press conferences?"

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mephman2964d ago

They have a ton of games to show this year. Should be good!

JDouglasGU2964d ago

yeah, they've definitely got some bombs to announce, but which franchise will it be?

Hardedge2964d ago

I wonder what they'll announce

Koblec2964d ago

I would give my soul to know when TES5 is coming.

Fireseed2964d ago

Gimme a sec Bethesda just lemme finish Oblivion first.

ozhuerta2964d ago

I've played over 250 hours and I don't get tired of it. Great game IMO.

DarkSpawnClone2964d ago

Give me Elder Scrolls! and Fallout:New Vegas!! thats all i need from you bethesda! i desperately want a new Elder Scrolls game PLEASE Be a new Elder Scrolls!!! that would be sooo epic!

psman0122964d ago


Allowen2964d ago

I have played many uber games cross plataform on this gen :
Fallout 3 , Killzone2 , CoDMW , SMG1&2 , GoW3 , Halo ODST , HR , Demon's Souls and also lots of epic PSP &Nintendo DS games .

But if I have to choose only ONE game I would say that Elder Scroll IV: Oblivion was the best of the best. God, I played this game for more then a year and it did not have trophies to make it even more addicting.

I want ES V !!!

-Ikon-2964d ago

Way overrated for me. Combat sucked horribly even for a hack and slash game. Bosses....... Yah what bosses.. I could go on.

ozhuerta2964d ago

I've been playing it since 2007 (but only once a week) and I haven't found every place. I'm currently closing all gates. Then finish the main quest, all the side quests and finally The Shivering Islands.

Gamer_Z2964d ago

it was the only game too take me 2 months to beat and i was playing 3 to 4 hours a day. I never played a game that consumed that much time and it wasn't even an online game like wow. People who bash this game are not gamers and dont know a good game when play one.

ozhuerta2964d ago

I bought Oblivion six months before Modern Warfare. Imagine my face when I compared the single player from both games. In fact, I finished Call of Duty and haven't opened the case since while last night I was closing a couple of Oblivion gates and exploring Blackwood.
Fine game indeed IMHO.

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The story is too old to be commented.