Another one bites the dust

(By Kotaku's Brian Crecente)As of last night I have officially had nine Xbox 360s die on me, which means when I get this replacement, I will be on my eleventh Xbox 360 (counting debugs and retails).

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redsymphony4160d ago

lol 11 with luck like that i would just settle for a ps3

uxo224160d ago

With luck like that, I don't think a PS3 would last this guy. Perhaps he should review is storage and handling methods. 10 broken xboxes, he has got to be contributing to this. You know what, I'm going to have to drop the Bullsh!t flag here. I don't believe it, even with the 360 break rate. C'mon think about, based on the averages @30 percent break rate he should be on his third xbox by now not his 11. I smell a rat. Perhaps this guy should check the faulty wiring in his house, I wonder how many plasma TV has he gone through.

JsonHenry4160d ago

What is the guy doing? Dunking the things in water?!

I have TWO 360s. Both bought on launch day, and I have never had a problem with either one of them. NOT ONCE.

What is this guy doing with them?

Azurite4160d ago

Working on a gaming blog I imagine that he use his 360(s) a lot, can't really compare it with people that own a 360(or more) and not using it as often.

nobizlikesnowbiz4160d ago

11th 360? I'm glad I'm still on my first. I have trouble beleiving that he isn't contributing to this though. He probably has it on 20 hours a day, with a stack of books and papers sititng on top of it.

My 360 is regularly on for over 10 hours. Still does fine. Weird.


This one has the lowest credibility yet !

ELEVEN 360's - Heee hee, YEAH RIGHT ! AND HE HAS AN ELITE - How long has that model been available ? Are we to believe he had 99 xbox's die on him, M$ fixes them, but apparently he choses to go out & purchase a Elite ? Surely he's not implying he has had 11 Elites ? In what time frame ? When was the first box returned ? You are looking at 3-4 weeks minimum turnaround to send ONE box off, get it repaired, & then sent back ! How long has this been going on ? Since 2005 ? Did he have the first Xbox360 prototype ? What a crock !!!


"When I pressed the power button on my Xbox 360 Elite it started making sounds like a blender. This lasted about 10 seconds and then it powered off. I found the news a little bizarre" ...

HA HA - ARE YOU KIDDING ME ? ..."I found the news a little bizarre"
is that you'er likely reaction to your ELEVENTH 360 FAILURE ???

marionz4160d ago

its from kotaku what do you expect...

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PS360WII4160d ago

Reading these stories makes me glad that my 360 only gives me minor problems. I like the games out now and of coarse am giddy with the ones that are coming out, but if I had to go thru 9 360's in order to play them I'm not sure I could do that.

Maddens Raiders4160d ago (Edited 4160d ago )




360's don't break


THis SIGHT is Flooded With these Stories acording to (((TnS)))

Do Not put this "news" up -- it's not news

Only Post Kotaku stuff when it says something I like




BAD EDITING -- "Don't write my 360 failed"; instead write, "I dropped it....."

============================= ==============================

THis kind of reminds me of when the [good] Germans stood by and said everything was ok, while Hitler was sacking the rest of Europe:

"Nothing to see here folks, move along.....nothing to see....."

============================= ============================== = ===






============================= ============================== = ====

Transperancy in policy making is the best and most honest method of legislating. From now on just come out and say:

"As of July 23, 2007 no more Broken XBox360 stories of ANY KIND will be Allowed by N4G ever again."

This would settle a lot of confusion and let contributors know that anytime they see these stories around the web - they're not newsworthy material to N4G. See how simple that would be? =]

============================= =============================


Look at this. Look at all the scared little bubble dropping girls to the right.

Bad Editing: Change article to "PS3 Bites the Dust" APPROVED!!! =]

achira4160d ago

i think this is news in the same way as all the bs articles about the ps3 were, with the difference that this news is true. i think ppl should now that its not relyable hardware and should avoid it.

The General4160d ago (Edited 4160d ago )

All those who voted this article Lame and reported this article, other than for bad editing, should loose their contributor privileges.

N4G's News Posting Guideline clearly states that on Posting Negative News

Posting Negative News
Even though negative news about a console can make the fans angry, it is still news and should be posted as any other story. Again as with all news stories the important thing is that what you report is newsworthy. That some no-name-blogger writes a story about how much he dislikes console X, that is not news. On the other hand, if a high profiled developer shares his negative opinion about a console on his personal blog it would be considered news and should therefore be posted.

So Odion and other Contributors that are to biased to let this site receive news, I'm reporting you to ZeroTolerance.

And the 360 fanboys took my bubbles for quoting N4G's Guidelines. Lol. Dusty, I hope your taking a note of this.

San anto4160d ago

lmfao!!...taliban r bad :(

Maddens Raiders4160d ago

N4G. Now you're run by the Communist Party. Dissention is Death!! How dare you report a broken 360 story. What do you think this is? News for Gamers? HAHA

Wrong Pal

This is filtered and watered down NEws for Gamers. Didn't you Get the MEMO? 0_*

Maddens Raiders4160d ago (Edited 4160d ago )

If this was happening to the PS3 it would MURDER MURDER MURDER....there is no way you would stop this from hitting everything every site every paper above the fold. What, 360 gets a fvcking pass!!!!???? I'm tired of this sissy pansy scary crap.

Again. IS THERE A FVKIN MORATORIUM ON BROKEN 360 STORIES? Well is there? Did I not get the MEMO?????

ISN'T THAT A VALID FVCKIN QUESTION????? CAN ANYONE NUT UP AND ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!????????????? ?????????? WTF!!!!!!!????????

C'mon I know there are XBots out there who have ballz and class that will talk abut this FVCKING issue I raise.

Bloodmask, THAMMER, razer, KewlKat....anyone>>>? ?? ????????

And give me my galdammed bubbles back and stop trying to send me to the Gestapo you galdammed haters. You try to silence me without REBUTTAL with fvcking Bubbl3s!!!????? My words pierce right through those that click the "shut user up" button. My Wordz are Weaponz I guess. Sorry to speak the truth and bring up valid points. If i lose a fVcking bubble over it, so be it.

Boon Tarkas4160d ago

Not for being a fan-boy, but for three other reasons.
A: For failing to use a 'spell-check'
B: For pretending that your semi-literate skills were proficient enough to even express a legitimate opinion
C: For issuing a diatribe on something as insignificant, objectively, as a video game console.

razer4160d ago

The PS3 took a bunch of sh*t and still does because lack of games and price point. When we know that the PS3 is worth the price and that it takes time to get great(not crappy ports) games into the pipeline.

These failures are essentially MS shooting themselves in the foot. It should of never happened in the first place and honestly this issue is a lot more concerning than the easily correctable PS3 "problems".

But I don't think the 360 has gotten a pass. Every gaming site has beaten the issue to death and even mainstream news media has reported on it. But just like the PS3 getting a price cut and games getting into the pipeline, it's going to take MS time to work out these hardware issue. There are a ton of "bad" units in the wild right now and until those get worked out failures are going to continue to happen and like it or not these articles will continue.

Am I sick of them? Hell yeah! Are they going to stop? Nope. Should we just ignore the issue? Definately not.

I just wish it would not turn into a flame war every time it's posted. It's still a great gaming machine and it's not going to run MS out of business..

FirstknighT4160d ago

Yeah that Madden kid is one of the weird ones here.