News4Gamers Radio Episode 29 (Repost)

This week the staff gets back to their normal format as GambusKahn compares the Wii to Harry Potter, they discuss if the PS3 is a good purchase right now and they talk about the latest games including Stuntman Ignition, All-Pro Footbal 2K8, and FlatOut Ultimate Carnage.

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3568d ago
erosevaporator3568d ago

You guys got someone to mix the cast better...the last one damn near made my ears bleed. Somebody needed to either get a better mic, or use their inside voice. Oh, and props to the ladies man.

beer_baron3568d ago

Your rant at towards the end of the cast was brilliant. Comparing the Wii to a pop up Harry Potter book is the best comparison I have ever heard

THAMMER13567d ago

I'm at work. Can nt get the podcast. ///(shakes fist)///

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