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Cheapening The Brand: Xbox 360+

NG: “Would you like your Xbox regular, Premium or Elite, sir? Would that be the regular+, the Premium+ or the Elite+? Would you like your hard drive at 60Gb or 250Gb? Would sir like the 120GB Elite+, the 250GB Elite, the 250GB Elite+ or the… sorry, have we confused you at all… ? We didn’t want to do that. Shall we start again? Would sir like woofers and tweeters? Or perhaps a bag on his head? Would sir like to scream himself to death?” This really does seem to be a case of two plus two equalling five. Xbox 360+? Poppycock, we say. (Microsoft Wave, Project Natal, Xbox 360)

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ElementX  +   1996d ago
Lame. Sony has how many versions of the PS3? How about PSP? There are like 5 versions of PSP. I'm a PS3 owner, don't even own a 360, but give me a break, this is just a rant that can be said of any company. Heck, just look at mobile phones, or digital camera. Would you like 10 megapixels, or 15? Would you like a 3G or 4G phone? Would you like your iPhone with 16mb or 32mb? Give me a break!
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Cevapi88  +   1996d ago
yeah, but when you look at the diff versions of the PS3....the only difference is HD size..only the 60gb PS3 had a feature that the others didnt which is BC with PS2 games...everything else comes in the box...the same thing cannot be said about the Arcade and Elite versions of the 360...one is a starter console and the other is for gamers...as for the PSP, i cant argue with that
LoydX-mas  +   1996d ago
"one is a starter console and the other is for gamers"?
I can play the exact same games on an Arcade as an Elite.
And yes, I can go on Xbox Live and play games online. It does only have 256mb on-board memory for storage though.
testerg35  +   1996d ago
You're kidding right? Here's some of the variations: partial BC, no BC, less usb ports, no memory card slot, no WIFI (I think launch 20gb didn't have this feature).
Shang-Long  +   1996d ago
I don't see a point to this article... I really can't wait for e3 so we can get some good articles in.
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Skynetone  +   1996d ago
360s all do the same thing
after about one mounth youll be asking yourself why you bought this piece of s++t, after about two mounths youll be screaming at little kids over xbox live, after about three mounths it will break and youll slowly get your sanity back,
basicsameh514  +   1996d ago
@ ms_kool_K
fail troll
ps2ftw  +   1996d ago
@ mc kool
I'm not kidding. That is exactly what happened to me!!!!!
except mine broke a couple of days over a year.
Then i bought a ps3 and ive never been a retarded monkey screaming on the mic to people since!
though I never thought it was a piece of shit until i bought my ps3.
Take it easy on Xbox fanboys though.
it's like xbox's brainwash you. When i had i thought i was having fun playing it but looking back i never did. PS3 has showed me the way!
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acere  +   1996d ago
same cat different bag
tplarkin7  +   1996d ago
If Natal Succeeds, 360 must be rebranded.
I wouldn't be surprised if MS gets rid of the current models and includes all future models with Natal by default. The current model prices will go up by 50USD. Natal sold alone will go for 50 or 100USD. This is the only way an add-on has any chance to succeed.
PS360PCROCKS  +   1996d ago
doubt it. Natal is a stepping stone but by not including it with every Xbox they are differing themselves from Nintendo. Instead of it being a standard it's an option, Microsoft has been tooting the "options" horn since 2006
Inside_out  +   1996d ago
It's all about choice...so says M$...bottom line...every 360 should have a hard drive...Greed..not choice the motive here...have you seen the price of a hard drive...criminal....
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SilverSlug  +   1996d ago
CellularDivision  +   1996d ago
Im not sure about Xbox, but I still think PC is better than both consoles. Wii is not included, because N4G denies its existence.
PS360_37  +   1996d ago
if MS goes to the "+" its going to be because of the slim. If that's the case, then they won't even release the fat 360 anymore. All new 360's will be "+".

This article is flamebait. Its like some idiot complaining before the slim was released that they may cheapen the brand by having so many models.
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