Eurogamer previews Unreal Tournament 3

Unreal Tournament 3's most eye-catching new feature is a two-metre-square block of pink gelatinous wibble that Epic is currently calling the "slow bubble". Once deployed, it slows the pace of anything that passes through it to a crawl. You can fire a rocket into one end and then run round the side and watch it slowly carve through the centre, before resuming its breakneck pace as it exits. More usefully, you can also dump it in a corridor that chokes your enemy's progress and use it like a flytrap, snaring the opposition and then blasting them at will. And, brilliantly, anybody stuck inside also gets to watch your bullets seep towards them at the same gradual pace that prevents them getting out of the way.

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Bathyj4165d ago

I have a cousin that lives in a slow bubble. He's not to bright.

I'm so glad they're putting so much effort into the single players game, and also bots, so you can set up your own matches to your liking.

NoiseBringer4165d ago (Edited 4165d ago )

This is interesting..... I would like to see that.....

"but cross-play between PC and PS3 hasn't been ruled out, and PS3 players will be able to join PC-hosted servers, if not PC games"

But there is a nother question, will standard mouse and keyboard work on this game(PS3) or Sony is is in development of thers special edition for extra bucks... :/
Because i dont think that anyone can stand against mouse and keyboard with siaxis.... :)

hazeblaze4165d ago

It was stated before that the game allowed for kb & mouse support on the PS3. But even if it doesn't the fragfx controller provides the same precision as kb & m and still has sixaxis tilt functionality... So any hardcore fps fan can still enjoy the game on their PS3 in 50" HD glory... the best of both worlds.

PS360WII4165d ago

I'm getting more and more stoked about this game. Should be a fun hecktic time.

VirusE4165d ago

PS360wii which system are you going to get it for?

PS360WII4165d ago

I have it Pre-ordered for PS3 ^^

hazeblaze4165d ago

This game is going to be an awesome addition for PS3 players come this winter! UT3 has some of the most innovative weapons & vehicles ever placed in an FPS!