The Worst Xbox LIVE Arcade Games You Should Avoid Buying

Craig H writes: "The Xbox LIVE Arcade has done a lot of great things. Among the accomplishments of the download service was bringing downloadable games to the mainstream of this generation’s consoles. Of course, the year head start did help blaze the trail. Sadly the service suffers from the same type of bad games that every platform has to deal with. We’re looking at those games and listing all the reasons you should avoid ever picking them up. We might lose a couple friends in the PR departments of these title’s publishers, but we’re sure they’ll understand."

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vgchica3110d ago

Did the dreamcast have any downloadable games beyond the VMU games?

BeaRye3110d ago

If you're trying to get at who made download games mainstream on consoles, it was on XBL, not the Dreamcast. Beyond VMU, the DC played Discs only.

LeBart3110d ago

That list needs to be 10 times longer at least. I love many games on XBLA but there's A LOT of junk out there.

BeaRye3110d ago

Yaris might have been free, but it was so bad that it got removed from the lineup. That game was awful.

TheROsingleB3110d ago

Yeah that game was terrrrrrrible, despite being free.
I have friends that, for whatever reason, just HAD to get the 200 gamerscore for that game. I didn't even bother :\

sukru3110d ago

Fortunately the game is not available for download anymore. No more wasted resources...

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