New images of Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto IV

Here are some new images of Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto IV for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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uHuRu4160d ago

I am not hyped for GTA IV, its going to a great game, but I am tired of it, from the looks of it, other than graphics its just another GTA game. Seriosuly, R* should try something new.

Devilbringer4160d ago

i kinda agree im not that hyped about it. im sure it will be great and sell alot but for some reason. i dont find this game that interesting. but i will probaly get it anyway on my ps3. hope they will show something of this game that makes my hype go up :))

Audiggity4160d ago

The graphics are not the highlight of GTA4. They've been improved with RAGE, yes. But R* is going to really be pushing for next gen GAMEPLAY. Think about Gears of War; it looks amazing, but is there really anything groundbreaking about the gameplay? It's fun, but, could've been done 4 years ago.

Rockstar isn't hyping the game up either... they are running very subtle ad campaigns and it is everyone else that is hyping it up (including people like me). I think you will be surprised when you play this; I don't think it will be like anything else we've played before... GTA + Physics (Euphoria) = Awesome.

Of course, I could be completely wrong and it could simply be the same game with a facelift. But I doubt that.

Xeoset4160d ago

Man, I really can't wait to put this into my Xbox 360. This, and the Exclusive DLC, is going to keep me busy for loooong time.

Audiggity4160d ago

I love how those extra chromosome PS3 fanboys just clicked 'disagree' to your exclusive content comment; but didn't even take the time to explain why they disagreed.

You can't disagree with facts...

ShiftyLookingCow4160d ago

I agree man, can't wait put the thing on 360 either. And I can't wait to turn on the talk radio. And PS3 fans, if you want DLC then go get a copy, that way Rockstar may be convinced to make some more new extra content for you. That or you get Getaway and Eight Days from Sony.

Xeoset4160d ago

I know, one mention of a 360 Exclusive, Exclusive 360 Content, hell anything good that's Xbox 360 and they go nuts.

They must REALLY be pumped full of jealousy.

I love Sony Fans, but damn do I hate their Fanboys.

BLACKJACK VII4160d ago (Edited 4160d ago )

OH NO SIR, I hope the little Flamers continue to boycott games that go multiplat & form their petitions against games like DMC4 & Grand Theft. Their moronic sense of reasoning (much like their flameboy comments) will backfire when Gaming Companies like Capcom & Rockstar see how positive their Xbox360 software sales are compared to their negative PS3 sales... Go Flamers, Go Flamers !

You don't want COD4, Asssassin's Creed, DMC4, or Grand Theft, they're for XBOTS ! You don't want anything the XBOTS have do you ? You *HATE* the XBOTS - You've got your spec sheet & BluRay !

Go Boycott, Go Boycott, Go Boycott, .. GO !!!

PS-Wii-604160d ago (Edited 4160d ago )

but, I'll tell you why I do.

I'm not yet convinced that "extra content" won't ALREADY be included in the PS3 version.
There IS the extra room on the Blu-ray disc to have the content shipped with the game at launch.

I haven't read anything, anywhere to indicate otherwise.

If someone here can help out with any conclusive information (not opinions or rumors) concerning this I'd really appreciate it.
'Cause I've been holding off my pre-order trying to decide which version to get AND I want to reserve my copy before it's too late. =/

Xeoset4160d ago

Because Microsoft bought it, in otherwords, it's there's.

It's like publishing a game or buying a Dev house. It's exclusive.

PS-Wii-604160d ago (Edited 4160d ago )

where's the link?
no confirmed information makes it just another rumor. I'm not basing my purchase on heresay =(

BTW, I'm not trying to be difficult, I just wanna be absolutely sure

Also, does anyone know what the content is? 'Cause if it's a different set of cars or new clothes for your character then I don't think I'd bother. That kind of thing doesn't change the gameplay in the least.

However, if it's extra missions or multiplayer gametypes...then I'm sold on the 360 version for sure!

Xeoset4160d ago

It's extra missions that combine into the main storyline.

There's 2 sets, each one half the size of the original game, both combining to be as big as the original game (GTAIV).

PS-Wii-604160d ago (Edited 4160d ago )

otherwise, links plz?

EDIT: just found this

Any truth to it?
If so, it looks like I'll be getting BOTH versions =/

Chris_GTR14160d ago

LOL if you wana waste your money go ahead. just look at the publication date.
279 days 4 hours ago
if you have to get info thats nearly a year old.
MS just reconfirmed last week at e3 that the content was 360 exclusive. i dont see why you would believe angry sony fanboys lies instead of MS themselves. click on the source you gave us. it has nothing but speculation. nothing official

PS-Wii-604160d ago (Edited 4160d ago )

I didn't say the info was official. I even asked if there was any truth to it.

And ya, I'm that desperate for any confirmation, that I'm reading articles that old.
What's my alternative? I ask simple questions that no one has REAL answers for.
Even you gave me the same unsubstantiated response that's basically, "ya, it's exclusive, trust me."

Nothing in your comment proves to me that the 360 content will only be available for that system.
"Exclusive Downloadable Content for 360" might mean just that: only downloadable for 360, since you wouldn't have to DL it for the PS3 version IF it's already included.
It could very well be corporate "newspeak." Kinda like Sony announcing UT3 as "Exclusive." Sure it is but, only technically. What they really mean is something completely different; that UT3 is "Timed Exclusive." You have to admit though, it sounds better for Sony when they make the statement the other way.

Anyhow, I'm really not interested in opinions or rumors, just the facts.

Chris_GTR14160d ago (Edited 4160d ago )

if you dont believe me then look at the 2006 and 2007 microsoft press confrence, in both of them they state there exclusive. and then look at the sony press confrence.they dont even mention anything about it. if they had something to combat the content they 100% would of announced it at last weeks e3.
why would this be included on disk? come on..seriously. R* is gonna be working on this after the game releases. there gonna release this stuff q1 2007 and q3 2007(i think thats what the release dates were) how are they gonna include them on ps3 if they arent even made yet? and why do you ignore the fact that MS payed 50 million dollars for the exclusive content? R* wasnt planning on making the content at all. since T2 has been having money problems recently MS payed them to create content for 360 exclusively. you gotta remember that this content was announced as exclusive nearly 2 years before gta4 launches. and to date nothing has been announced for ps3. wich i remind you is exactly 3 months away. :D :D :D
now dont get confused though, ps3 WILL have DLC.. its just not gonna be anything as huge as the content MS payed for.

oh sorry about that. i meant q1 08..q3 08.. NOT 07

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PS360PCROCKS4160d ago

I like the way it looks actually and the explosion on the 2nd page, the final picture...that was so cool looking.

Chava4160d ago


Xeoset4160d ago

Is it just me, or are you an idiot?

Us 360 owners are proud of ALL the games we get and enjoy discussing them, you'd be the same if you didn't have to wait so long for games.

Nemesis4160d ago

For homophobic language.

Depressed Mode4160d ago

I really don't think this game will need any hype at all to sell well.

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