Big Boss’ Baddest Moments

Patrick Velky of PS Unlimited Writes: With Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker hitting shelves today (June 8), we at PlayStation Unlimited decided to pay homage to the legendary soldier. Big Boss has had an impact on every canonical Metal Gear game to date, including the ones in which he’s not even around. Not only was he a founding member of the infamous Patriots and the father of Les Enfants Terribles, but he influenced the lives of many characters throughout the Metal Gear series. So, before Peace Walker sees its North American release, read on to relive ten of our favorite moments—in chronological order—in the life of the original Snake. (SPOILER ALERT: Major spoilers from MGS3, MGS4, and MPO ahead. But you should have played them already!)

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the peeping tom scenes with EVA.

man0fsteel2907d ago

now THAT was awesome, The End!!

Snakefist302901d ago

When Big Boss Killed The Boss His Own Mentor.I Cried When He Killed Her.